Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday in the City

We've been toying with the idea of moving to the city for a while now. I've been keeping a close eye on rentals and prices, but there are so many different neighborhoods that we've never even explored that we decided to spend the afternoon in the city and drive around to check them out.

We had a blast despite the clouds and rain.

We also had a fun Saturday with friends. Lunchtime, got a spur-of-the-moment call from a friend wondering if I wanted to join her and her daughter at the local Indian restaurant. I couldn't pass it up.

Then we went out to dinner with the Bowen's at Maggiano's, one of our fav's but they hadn't been there before. Ended up being a 3 hour extravaganza and very busy and loud...Miss A said "It's as loud as a playground in here" cute! Always a lot of fun hanging out and chatting with them. Have to admit we were surprised how busy the restaurant was considering the economy. At least on the weekends, that restaurant doesn't seem to be suffering.

I did a bit of crafting too:me and my BFF from over a year ago. Speaking of...I'm gonna see her this weekend. Can't wait! I haven't met her newest little one yet and he's almost 4 months old!

I also made some custom colored buttons inspired by Marah Johnson.Easy to make when you have the right supplies. Even Miss A and Prince W made a couple on Saturday night.
Clear buttons
Tim Holtz alcohol inks
Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Applicator (same link as above, scroll to bottom)
Glossy Accents (or similar)
printed ephemera or stamped images
-squeeze a couple of drops of ink onto applicator and pounce pounce pounce onto the back of a clear button till color is how you like it. Use 2 or 3 colors if you'd like. let dry just a few seconds.
-apply glossy accent on back of button, directly on the ink you just applied. Use glossy accent like a glue.
-Center button over the printed or stamped image you want to show through. You'll have a few moments to twist and turn the button on the image so it's positioned the way you want it. Also, twisting the button on the image helps spread the glue around evenly.
-Let dry. this'll take several minutes so make a bunch more while you're waiting!
-Cut excess paper off button once dry. Re-poke holes if needed.
-Use buttons as extra dimension on your projects.

I'm planning on doing separate posts for each neighborhood we checked over for the next few days. Hope you enjoy the ride. :)


rosemary said...

I only know a few of the SF hoods, but of those my favorite is behind the little motel where we always stay on the corner of Van Ness (Broadway Manor) with St. Brigid's across the street. Is there a bad section of SF?

Anonymous said...

Love the pic w/ the bridge in the background, awesome!
I would love to try the button craft w/ Lucas, I think he'd enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the tenderloin...hands down! te-he. -v

LOVE the GG picture.

Ginnie said...

That is one of the best views of the SF Bridge ever, Mad! I love it. I sure will be eager to see if you do in fact decide to move to the city. Hmmmm. And WHERE!?!