Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Potrero Hill

Not too long ago, Potrero Hill on the southeast end of the city wasn't exactly a desirable place to live. It was considered remote, yet it has some of the best views of the city skyline.

Nowadays, well-kept and updated homes line the steep streets.

There are a few homes that are a bit tired. But it's still a lovely house in need of some paint, a new roof and some TLC.

The streets are steep...
After walking up one you'll definitely need a "Sharp Rest", but the original warning is for a Sharp Crest.

But while you're resting you can enjoy the views.
This side overlooks Twin Peaks to the west.
More homes that overlook downtown.

The local business district seems to be popular and the people in the community really makes an effort to be involved with safety, but it can still be a bit on the edgy side.

The actual crookedest street in SF is on Potrero Hill and not Lombard. It's Vermont Street and of course, we had to drive down it. While it certainly was curvy, since it's bordered by tall trees and you can't see as far off as you can on Lombard, the perspective of how steep you're actually going isn't quite as sensational. Fun nonetheless and the annual Big Wheel racers seem to love it.


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Anonymous said...

I moved back to So Cal last year after 3 years in SF...you're making me miss it :)

Looking forward to all the updates on different neighborhoods.