Thursday, March 19, 2009

North Beach and Telegraph Hill

We've explored North Beach several times but never really looked at it with an eye to actually live there. It's known as San Francisco's "Little Italy" and yep, we've delighted in some great cuisine here.

It's one of the more fast paced part of town and is always busy, popular with locals and tourists. Nearby is Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf and the Financial District.

Everything is a stone's throw away and you might not even need a car if you lived in that neighborhood. However, we have 2 cars and we think having a tooth drilled might be less painful than trying to park them.

All apartments charge an extra $200-$300 for a parking space, which even if we opted to rent it, we'd still have to find street parking for the other car. Would it be worth the hassle of parking to live here? Absolutely if we were the type of people thrived on the fast pace. But we've lived in the 'burbs our entire married lives and would probably appreciate a little less congestion.

Telegraph Hill hosts the famous Coit Tower. Don't quote me, but I think Telegraph Hill is considered to be part of the North Beach neighborhood. I'll go on again about the views...spectacular. But if you're trying to get to the top of Telegraph Hill on a weekend, even an off-season rainy Sunday, expect bumper to bumper traffic.

View of the Financial District and Transamerica Building from Telegraph Hill.

Looking towards Nob Hill (tomorrows post).

Grand views of the Golden Gate Bridge from Telegraph Hill.

A view of Lombard Street, which is on Russian Hill. We didn't explore Russian Hill this day, we have several times before and know that we can't afford to live in that part of town.


dot said...

Wow on that last picture of Lombard Street! I believe that is the street where I rode in the car with Steve McQueen. haha. I love the photo of Coit towere also.

Shammickite said...

What great photos! SF certainly looks like a lively city, oh I want to visit SO MUCH! Love that shot of lombard Street. It always makes me think of flower power and hippies and Volkswagen buses etc etc. Make love, not war!!!

Anonymous said...

That really is a great pic of Lombard Street. And it looks like it was my kind of weather that day...cold and wet!

Looking forward to the next post, I lived 2 blocks from Grace Cathedral!

rosemary said...

You are doing a great job....wonderful photos of a fabulous city.

Ginnie said...

San Francisco in all its finery, Mad! I sure am glad some of this actually looks familiar to me, even though I've been there only a couple times.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to return. I so enjoyed browsing City Lights bookstore and we meandered to Coit Tower and Lombard Street as well. I feel as if I was left with so much exploring to do. . . making me yearn for a return visit.

Monica said...

WOW! what a great pic of the crooked street!! postcard quality..why aren't you selling these photos????