Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My planets are out of whack

I'm usually not one to air out my grievances usually because when one thing bad happens a good happens and it all balances out. And it's not that things really went wrong, but things didn't quite go right. It really felt like I was just a step behind or a step too far forward and not on track. Is something going on with the cosmos that I'm not aware of? Perhaps I should read my horoscope. Anyhoo...let the venting commence:

Part 1.
I had my weekly hand therapy appointment at 1pm. Arrive on time, 5 mins early in fact, check in, all seems good. Till 10 mins go by, the receptionist tells me "Margaret doesn't have you for an appointment today. In fact, she's out of the office."
I say "Oh really? Is today Wednesday?" Because granted, I get confused on my days and it very well could have been Tuesday and oops, my bad.
He says "Yes. Lemme look you up...your last name is West, right?"
Me: "No. Retzlaff. R-e-t-z-l-a-f-f"
Him: "W-e-s-t..."
Me: "R.e.t.z..."
Him" "R-e-s-t..."
Me even slower "R.E.T.Z.L.A.F.F"
I'll spare you...took him 3 more tries.

He says: "Looks like you canceled your appointment."
I say: "Uh no. I definitely did not cancel my appointment."
He says "Yes. You rescheduled with Susan for this morning at 10:30."
Me: "No...I would have been here at 10:30 then."
He calls another receptionist to help.
She says " Looks like Margaret canceled your appointment and switched it to 10:30 this morning with Susan. Didn't she call you?"
Me: "nnnnoo."
Blah Blah Blah more back and forth. She apologizes profusely, can't explain why Margaret didn't call. Asks if I can come back at 2:30 to see susan.
Yes. So i have lunch. Go back and see Susan. I've decided to see Susan from now on instead of Margaret.

Part 2.
While I was at lunch, I was seated and for more than 10 minutes, no one helped me. I saw a waitress chitterchattering about Hawaii w/ some customers at a nearby table. Not sure she was mine, but I did try to make eye contact just so I could let anyone know that I was ready to place my order. I finally get the eye of random waiter and he helps me. Lunch was fine, not really a big deal, but I was on a schedule, had to get back for my hand therapy. And really, I think chatting w/ your customers is great, but don't do it at the expense of your other customers. But I have a question for ya'll...what is your suggestion on tipping? I gave her a 12% tip, I know how hard it is to work in the food service and times are tough. I was tossing between leaving nothing, to 8%-10%. The 12% just ended up being a round number. I had hoped the bill would be under the other waiter's tab, but it was under hers.

Part 3.
On my way home, decided I really really needed a haircut. I go to my salon, the one where I've been going for over 10 years, seeing the same stylist. I knew it was a long shot to get a walk-in appointment. So I was not disappointed when I couldn't get my hair cut. But it turns out that my stylist will be out for a few months "to have baby." I'm so excited for her, I know she's been trying.
But for 10 years, no one else has cut my hair. I don't even know where to look for another stylist till she comes back. I decided to drive around till I found another salon that had time for a walk-in. 2 hours later, I finally find myself back at home, no haircut. Everywhere I went and called, no availabilities. Oh well. But the good thing is I think I found a nice salon less than a mile from my house that will do till Lynn comes back. I'll make an appointment for next week, after we get back from Chicago.

Part 4.
The trash people didn't pick up our trash today.

BUT the good that came about:
-Hand therapy felt better than it ever has. I had no idea my thumb was suppose to have the range of motion is has now. Plus they did the paraffin wax thingy on both hands...awesomeness. And I got a new splint that hopefully will work better.
-lucky to be able to eat good food.
-stylist having a baby.
-found good salon that's near home. Till Lynn comes back. I'm pretty loyal to her.
-weather in the high 60s low 70s.
-planning for tomorrow's trip.

We all need days like these to remind us how blessed we are when everything seems to go so smoothly. But I'd appreciate it if my planets would realign before I get on that plane tomorrow afternoon. Thank you.


Shammickite said...

Where are you going? I assume Chicago, isn't that where that big silvery kidney bean is located?
Good news about your hand feeling better, but it's very frustrating to have a day like that, where nothing seems to go quite as planned.

ren said...

sucky day but you know, good for you for listing the good points as well. i don't know that i would have the fortitude or wisdom to do so. clearly you are on the pro side more than the con and that is a fine and rare quality.

rosemary said... planets must be off days are always like that....'specially at Safeway with prescriptions. I now cut my own hair because no one seems to know how to cut curly hair in this town....

Anonymous said...

she's having a BABY!!!??? NO way! I would of never expected it.

i have weekly oh goodness episodes/thankful ones too. -v

Anonymous said...

Hmm I never thought about what your last name should be - Restoff (sounds like some kind of switch), Retzlaugh, Reservelaff, I could go on...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I am hoping the Bean made it all better. Great shot.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is that silver orb?! Looks like an alien ship. Glad your hands are feeling better.

Ginnie said...

I guess even an optimist like you is allowed an "off" day ever so often, Mad! :)

susan d said...

Is that last picture in Chicago?