Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mission Bay

As far as we could tell, aside from some new condos near AT&T Park, Mission Bay is mostly industrial.In the image above, it's the closest part of the valley seen here from Potrero Hill and extends east to the Bay.

AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants, is in Mission Bay.

Since it's right along the bay, great views are everywhere.

Well, really, there are great views from EVERYWHERE in San Francisco.

Here's a view from AT&T Park looking back towards Potrero Hill in the background.

Although the newer condos look attractive, the neighboring industrial area is a bit of a drawback.

The biggest bonus to the Mission Bay neighborhood is that CalTrain begins/ends there and is the only commuter train that goes all the way down to the South Bay where we live now.

While it might interesting to watch the activities by the piers, like cruise ship maintenance for instance, I'm not sure I'd wanna make my home here.

BTW, if you're sticking with me through my whole neighborhood jaunt, I'm saving the best for last. That's what I'm suppose to do, right? :)


Shammickite said...

You're thinking of moving to the city? The city of SF? Make sure you get a place with a spare room, I'm coming to stay!
SF is one place I'd love to explore, so I'll be checking out all your photos.

Anonymous said...

The best part of SF? got me hooked! Sunset, Richmond and Financial are a dead heat for me since those were the places I knew the best...-v

rosemary said...

I'm reading with great interest too....We kinda stick to just a few places when we visit....that motel on Broadway and Van Ness...Hippoburger used to be close by and our favorite Chinese place ever....Tai around the corner.....what are rental prices? In the thousands????

Unknown said...

A cool location for a baseball stadium!

Shammickite said...

About the Video Games Live! show.... it was awesome, if it comes to SF you better go and see it! If an old chick like me enjoyed it, you'd be blown away by it! Maybe you could win the guitar hero context.

Anonymous said...

The best for last huh? Hmmmm...I'm guessing the Tenderloin.

Ha ha....

dot said...

You are right...the views are fantastic! I especially like the baseball statue.
Thanks for the visit!