Tuesday, February 03, 2009

to the races

Some find it hard to believe that I could possibly be interested in motorcycle racing. But I think when you're born and raised in the desert, some part of you innately has a draw to it. It just seems to be the thing to do there. But more importantly, when your husband used to ride and still would if he didn't have bum knees, has a passion for it, you tend to pick up the interest also. At least somewhat.

So when Jimmy got tickets to watch Supercross racing in San Francisco for Christmas, I happily tagged along. Despite my attempts to sabotage his plans. Twice. Sigh, i really need to write things down. Because my pea-brain can't remember anything on its own anymore. Anyhoo...

Here are some pics from the event:

The race was at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants and big enough to hold over 40,000 fans.

It was a sunny day in San Francisco and we got there early enough to watch practice, walk around the stadium and check out the pit.

James Stewart, 2008 AMA Motorcross National Champion, rides right in front of me on his way to his pit after practice.

The stadium fills up with 40,000 Supercross fans (whodda knew there'd be so many in the Bay Area?).

and the races begin.
It starts with a Heat, where the riders race to place in the Main race.

We had great seats.

this is Chad Reed, last year's Supercross champion.

I learned there's a difference between Motorcross and Supercross. Supercross is in a stadium. Motorcross is on natural terrain.

This is the start of the next Heat. Up front is #7, James Stewart and #800 Mike Alessi. Mike Alessi and his brother Jeff are from the desert where Jimmy and I grew up.

Jeff Alessi #801 rides in the Lites Class. Mike is a Premier Class rider.

I couldn't help but cheer them on even though I was ultimately rooting for James.

The first lap, Mike lead the race, keeping James just a bit behind.

But after that lap, James Stewart sped past Mike and it was over. James won the Heat.

Now, the big guns were out and the Main race began.
The leading 3 in front are Chad Reed #1, Mike Alessi #800 and James Stewart #7.

But James Stewart won the hole shot and lead the race for all 20 laps.

And crosses the finish line victoriously.


rosemary said...

Not a cycle race lady...but i love, love the Indy car races....I have sweet memories of the Ontario raceway and that handsome devil Danny Ongais and his Interscope car.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Those are some amazing shots.