Friday, December 12, 2008

The Susan D Project

A couple of weeks ago, the day before Thanksgiving actually, I received a fun package from Susan D. This is what the package contained:In the package, there was a list of instructions:

-Lay out contents of this bag on a clean table.
(how 'bout floor?)
-Photograph said items.
-Use all of most of these pieces to make a tag, card, scrapbook page, book mark or other.
-Feel free to use any tools you have, just don't add any other elements.
-You don't have to use all the items.
-Have fun creating.
-Take picture of creation.
-Post on blog.
From: your friend Susan D.
PS. That wasn't quite fair since I made you do all the work again!

When I opened the packed, i was SOO excited! How totally FUN! I love challenges like this. It was just a matter of getting the time to sit down and create. Well, of course, the best time to create is when you've got a list a mile long that has to get done by a certain day. So, when I woke up this morning, after checking my email, looking at what my day had in store, I decided to blow it off and create! I pulled Susan's package out, photographed the contents, sat in front of my coffee table w/ Oprah on the tele, and spent 2 hours creating.

Here are the tools I used:the tree stamp in that set, eggshell acrylic paint, bubble wrap, glue, markers and my crop-a-dile. And a black ink pad for the stamp.

And this was the end result:I like it a lot! Quite pleased with how it turned out. I fussed with it for, like i said, 2 hours, before it turned into this. It was never suppose to be Christmas related, but it just ended up that way. In fact, in the bag of goodies she gave me, there was a small package that contained a Japanese Ladybug from Illinois and up until the last few minutes, I had it stapled on the collage. But then it turned into a Christmas theme and the ladybug had to be removed. And in case your wondering SusanD, the white paper I stamped on is the back side of leftover scraps. No other elements added. :) I love that the hole punched tape strip. Where can I get some more of that stuff?? What's it called?

Thanks SusanD for the inspiring package. Hope you liked my creation. I'd send it back to ya, but I can't! I created it in my art journal and it's a permanent piece. I'm still hoping to create something with that ladybug. I'll let ya know when I do.



susan d said...

The first time I checked, no new posts, then presto, I tried again and here were all your goodies.
Great collage. It does look a little Christmas-y. I will send you that little roll of holey stuff. I don't like it at all. It looks like a snow fence to me, but then you probably wouldn't have that connotation in CA.
Can't wait to see the ladybug sometime. You know you said once you wished you had some...

Ginnie said...

I love it! And all because of blogging...which makes the world go 'round. :)