Sunday, December 21, 2008


One of the hardest part of this is that we don't know how much more time we'll have with her. A friend said her beloved dog lived 5 more months after he was diagnosed. She also told me that I will know when it is time. I guess that is comforting. As you can imagine, a big fear is holding on too long and making her live painfully. She's had 18 great years and we hope we've loved her as much as she's loved us. Oddly, she's eating more than she has in a month. Still not a lot, about the same amount of canned, but a lot more chicken. And her spirits seem a bit higher. It's easy to get hopeful. But the vet gave her a shot of B12 and fluids which would increase her appetite and make her feel better. So that's probably the reality of it.

When her partner in crime (my profile pic) died 3 years ago, that was devastating. I'd never felt so much love for a pet as I did for Ted. It happened suddenly and Jimmy and I were both heartbroken. It seemed like Billy missed him for a few months, too. At the time, Billy was much more Jimmy's cat. But since Ted died, Billy has definitely become our cat. She has no preference between us. And my love and attachment to Billy even surpassed how I felt for Ted. Which I never would have thought could be possible, I loved that cat sooo much. But Ted was quirky, shy, smart and skittish. Billy is the complete opposite. She's friendly, laid back, a little bit stupid and dauntless.

Ted died suddenly and I think the emotion of that may have been harder than this is. Billy's spirits are still good and so is her quality of life. At least we have time to love her and be loved by her. Time will tell how much of emotional wreck I'll be. I've mentioned before that I'm not much of an emotional crier anymore. Except when it comes to pets, friends pets, pets on commercials, pets in cartoons...The Lion King gets me every time.

Anyhoo, to the kitty parents out there, what kind of wet/canned cat food do you feed you kitties? Billy's always been a dry food eater, but since she stopped eating dry, I'm perplexed with the type to buy her. What brand do you and your kitties prefer? And if you buy the bigger cans, what do you do to keep the rest of it 'fresh' for the next meal?

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Unknown said...

We feed our cats dry food. Very nice cat shots!

Anonymous said...

Even though we have a dog we mix his dry food with wet dog food - Eukanuba. He likes it a lot! We store the left overs in a plastic container in the fridge.

Lots of vitual hugs! - v