Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A New Dawn

A World Connected.
Forward Transition.

Congratulations America!


Ragged Around the Edges said...


Shammickite said...

we stayed up till 1am watching the US election results last night (with the rest of the world), and I'm pretty happy about the way things turned out. The future has suddenly got a little brighter. It was very interesting being here in Florida on election day, specially as Florida was one of the pivotal states.
Finally you have someone with a bit of common sense in charge!

Jodi said...

You said it, sister!!! W00t!

paris parfait said...

Amen, sister! YES WE DID! And yes we will move forward, united, to make the changes necessary to move our country in a different - and better - direction. xo

Unknown said...

Thank you for your interest in our election.

Anonymous said...


rosemary said...

well said. WHOOOOYAHH

Ginnie said...

Preach it from the housetops!

susan d said...

You have really amped up the slide show. Your jewelry is cool, and jewelry is not my thing! Teddy bears, too. The cards, drawings, and pages are great. Very inspirational.

And I can relax now with election over and going in the right direction.

lorenzothellama said...

Obama's victory has been very excitedly received in Britain. We love him here. Well done and good luck America!

ps I thought Big Boy sounded somewhat cheeky!