Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Crafting

Some of you might remember the button tree I made last Christmas. Well, when I saw this cute little pumpkin at my local scrapbook store, I had to make one for myself, too! Just painted a Styrofoam ball orange, glued the flowers on randomly, then glued orange buttons on randomly. Used craft wire to make the tendrils of the stem, glued on 2 green flowers then stacked a bunch of green buttons to create the stem.

Have you seen the Good Sheets at Starbucks that offer little tidbits of information relating to election issues? I found/read my 1st one the week before the election and devoured it almost as heartily as I devoured my tall nonfat no foam latte. By then, they were already on Week 7, so I missed 6 little cool factoids wrapped up in a tidy little newspaper. Well, I decided to take my week 7 Good Sheet and reuse it to make ATCs. Since then, I got Week 8 and 9 and have created stuff with them, too. I had gone almost 2 months w/o a Starbucks fix, but now I have to get my tall nonfat latte no foam and a good sheet once a week.

This photo was taking a few years ago, but I just made this scrapbook page last month. Jimmy and Miss A are at the San Francisco zoo, laughing at all the silly things that were happening.

Made this very labor intensive card during one of my stamp club meetings this month. You stamp the stamp 6x onto blue cardstock, emboss in silver, then glitter and intricately cut each layer to create this snowflake card. It's very dimensional, 6 layers high, and very glittery! Beautiful, I must admit, but wow, a lot is involved to make just 1 card. I made 2 and said, "ok, i'm done." Imagine the mess of glitter I had on my floors afterward. uh yea, the cat had glitter in her fur for days. Well, I send out 60-70 cards every Christmas, so those 2 weren't gonna cut it. So while I was sick, I made 58 more Christmas cards. But the hardest part for me is addressing the envelopes. I refuse to use labels, but hand addressing envelopes is just a task that is always so tedious to me. Not exactly sure why. Why can I spend 20 hours making cards gleefully, but 2 hours of addressing envelopes seems overwhelming?

Speaking of Christmas...anyone start their Christmas shopping yet? Not me. Last year, I was done before December 1st. I suppose I better get cracking if I wanna be as prepared as last year. I suspect that's not gonna happen.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

As always, beautiful work. I gotta make a pumpkin! And the worst part of cards is the addressing for me too. Wonder why that is?

The snowflake card is amazing, too pretty to send!

Anonymous said...

That card is BEAUTIMUS!!! Christmas shopping? What's that?

Shammickite said...

You are so talented. I love that Christmas Card!

Unknown said...

Very creative!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the orange ball. Those would look so cool, all different colors hanging on the tree.

Your paperwork?! Always amazing too.

Ginnie said...

As always, Mad, you are as creative as ever. That will NEVER leave your system, I'm sure. Now you've reminded me about Christmas cards. YIKES. I need to get busy. Man. What's wrong with me???? Actually, addressing the cards is one of my favorite things. I know...I'm very weird. :)

rosemary said...

I spit rice cake on the keyboard at the question about starting Christmas shopping....your are so very, very talented....very.

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a cleaver idea, that is orange for sure. Been awhile since i have been here, my apologies.
No shopping for me, i quit shopping several yrs ago.
I am sure that shopping for many is going to be slim this yr.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.