Thursday, October 30, 2008

Linguistically Challenged

I feel like my brain is spilling over but I'm incapable of putting any of it into words. This is often my problem. I've joked that I'm linguistically challenged. I could never be a teacher because I don't have the ability to express the ideas in my head in a clear way. What comes out of my mouth isn't the same thing that's going on in my brain. I can write well enough to get by, but that's because I can take the time to formulate the words. I'm wondering if that's why I like haiku, because the little snippets of verse in a 5-7-5 pattern and sometimes nonsensical word order is similar to how I think. LOL!

So here are my little soundbites, if you will, on the ramblings going on in my head.

On the election
Anxious. what will come?
November 4th will tell all.
Stomach tied in knots.

I know I'm not alone in this. Almost everyone I know feels very passionately who their candidate of choice is. And is afraid of what could happen if the other candidate is elected. I don't talk about politics much on my blog, but I haven't hidden what I believe and I'm sure most of my friends who read regularly know how I feel. California also has a few Propositions that are very important. And at this point, I really just want November 4th to get here already. I want the anxiety to end, hopefully in celebration and not in resignation.

On work
New ideas brewing.
The business plans are flowing.
Hope it will work out.

This is taking up a lot of my brain space otherwise I probably wouldn't even mention it. I talk about work less than I talk about politics. Jimmy and I work together in our business that we run and operate out of our home. Possibilities of ventures in 2 different avenues. Not sure where either one will lead, but wheels are in motion.

On art
Is it possible
to be overwhelmed by too
much creativity?

I took some great classes last weekend. The teacher came from Buffalo and is an amazing person as well as extremely creative. There are so many things I want to create. Minibooks, mixed media art, sewing whatevers, holiday cards...but with all the things I want to create, I can't concentrate on anything specific.


Shammickite said...

I'm quite fond of November 4th too.... because it's MY BIRTHDAY!
But I'm fed up with all the election ads on TV, we are here in Florida at the moment and it seems that it's an important state to both camps... however check my blog for a THIRD choice!

Ginnie said...

Have you had the chance to pre-vote there, Mad? Donica and I voted this past Tuesday and can hardly wait till it's over. But what you said is so right-on, even without knowing where you stand. :) Man! God have mercy!!!

rosemary said...

I try to stay clear of politics as well.....this time however i have gone overboard.....steve is worried about me.....

Anonymous said...

I love your Haikus! I hear ya about the election. The t.v ads are getting worse and worse. I'm ready for it to be over too.
You are so right too about the Ca. props. I've been helping my mom and sisters go through through them all.

I especially am all over prop 2 and 8. If only I lived in Cally, lol.

Love ya,

Ragged Around the Edges said...

You know, sometimes I can't pen a thought either. You did pretty well for someone who says she's struggling.

As for the election. Everyone on all sides is so passionate, it's refreshing to at least see people interested.

Hmmmm, good luck on the work ventures. Fingers crossed.