Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whatcha readin'?

An oak tree in the Sierra Nevada foothills that could be a nice place to sit under and read a good book.

I donno what's come over me, but I've somehow managed to finish 3, count them 3 books in one month! That is, seriously, a world record for me. Ok, it took me 4 months from start to finish "Eat, Pray, Love". But as soon as I finished it, I started and finished "Book of Dead Birds" within a week and a half. Then I finished "The Glass Castle" in 4 days. FOUR DAYS! Inconceivable! I just started reading "Forever in Blue" today. I'm hoping it'll be a fast read, too. We're going down to S. California tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some reading time while we're in the car. Next on my list is "The Art of Racing in the Rain" then "Dreams of my Father". I'm loving this reading thing now that I've got it figured out. It's all happening because of the Amazon Kindle. It's amazing how much faster I can read a book on it. It took me 4 months to get half way through the paperback version of "Eat Pray Love" but as soon as I decided to get it on the Kindle, I finished the other half in a weekend. And Phin lent me the hardcover version of "Book of Dead Birds" (which btw, my favorite read so far this year), but I still got it for the Kindle because I knew that I'd be able to read faster on it. Love being able to hold up to 200 books on the thing, but my favorite part...being able to look up the definition of words directly on it. Not to mention being able to highlight selected sentences/paragraphs/pages. I highlighted a dozen quotes from "Eat, Pray, Love" that I'm planning on doing a minibook with similar to the one I did for How to Build a Global Community.

I know this must seem like an ad for Amazon, but truly, that's not my intent. I'm just so thrilled with being able to read more than 2 books a year. I used to love reading as a teenager, but after college, I pretty much stopped reading because for some reason, it started taking me months to finish one book. Even now, when I'm reading something at the same time as someone else, say for instance an article posted on a bulletin board, she will be done minutes before I finish reading that same article. I usually have to re-read sentences over and over again to 'get' it. So for me to say that I started and finished 2 books in about 2 weeks, well, I'm just ecstatic.

Anyhoo, I highly recommend "The Book of Dead Birds". A fantastic novel. And if you recall my post about the Salton Sea, this novel describes it in harrowing detail.

What books have you read that should go on my list of Must Reads?


ren said...

the death of vishnu by manil suri is the best book i have read in the last ten years. it's not exactly easy going but it's not tough either, just very layered. i highly recommend it.

rosemary said...

Oh Madeline i want a Kindle so badly....can you use it at the hideaway? The problem at my house is our siding is metal and we can't even use our cell phones inside the house....so if i have read the blips correctly, I can download the books with a USB hookup and then the device itself can be used to read without any hookups anywhere....tell me that is correct, please. I want one!!!!! Could you email me and tell me all of the wonders if you have time? It took me forever to get into EPL and I never left Italy.

rosemary said...


rosemary said...

hum, books....The Kite Runner and his next book title that has slipped my mind.

for Serious romance with a ton of wonder...The Outlander series by Dianna Gabaldon

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rosemary is talking about A Thousand Splendid Nights (same author as The Kite Runner)--amazing too! But I wanted to let you know about a quick lil read, The Last Lecture--very inspirational and motivational.. Oh and being the 90210 fanatic that i am--i seriously read Tori Spelling's Stori Telling in 5 days (pretty interesting/sad?!?!?!). I'm going to read Eat Pray and Love when i'm done with The Last Lecture!
Love ya & miss ya!

Ginnie said...

Why have I never heard of Kindle, Mad??!! I just sent the link to Donica who is in Brussels right now. I can totally see her getting it for herself. It sure would make her briefcase lighter!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Wow, Mad, I am loving that you dug so deep into reading. I haven't had time for luch lately, but did read "The Myth of You and Me", an easy read, but enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! That's awesome Madeline! You know how I feel about reading, maybe it was because I was an only child? But I am rarely without a book!