Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're "This Many"

When Danielle came to visit a few weeks ago with her daughter, she would tell everyone that she was "this many" and hold up 3 fingers. So, on the way to my birthday lunch, the 4 of us: me, Danielle, Jimmy and TG, were in the car together and I told everyone to hold up all of their fingers and that was "how many" I was. TG thought that was so funny, that was A LOT of fingers to be!
We had a great time in S. California celebrating Danielle's 40th. The weather cooperated and cooled off nicely after the sun set. She had a fun band, the most delicious birthday cake, and I saw a couple of friends from high school that I haven't seen since TG's baby shower.

On another note, I went to the foot doctor the morning we left. He took an xray that showed something suspicious between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal, and after getting a CATscan, it turns out that I have torn several ligaments and have very bad sprain. I have to wear a removable cast for the next few weeks. But now my foot hurts more than it did, in places that never hurt before. Which doesn't make me want to wear it. And since it's removable, it's easy to talk myself into taking it off. But everyone around me makes sure that I wear it. I suck at self-discipline. It all comes back to my lack of fortitude.

Despite hobbling around S. California for 2 days, we had a good time. We spent Saturday morning and afternoon with Lauree, Jimmy's sister, her husband Jim, and Eric, Jimmy's brother.
On the way home, we had dinner in Solvang.Solvang is a cute little town that was settled by a group of Danish educators in 1911. It was the first time Jimmy and I had gone to Solvang together. All the shops and bakeries were closed, but we found a little restaurant, and dined on Danish meatballs, sausage and red cabbage outside on their patio. I have to admit the atmosphere was far superior over the food, but it was great being in a part of California that we hadn't seen together.

Today, Sunday, we are relaxing at home. We intended on going to the hideaway, but with this gimpy leg of mine, I'm far to lazy to make another trip away from homebase. Not to mention that 2 1/2 more hours in the car, after 7 hours yesterday, doesn't sound very appealing. So the remaining of my Sunday will be spent either clicking a remote or clicking a mouse.

Home sweet home!


Unknown said...

A lovely windmill!
keep wearing your cast!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Well i had to go and check out all the stuff i have missed, looks like you had a spectacular birthday other then the foot that sucks. Hope you got lots of clicking in LOL
That person climbing the chimney how funny.The fair photos are great so much color in them.
So sorry for not checking in with you more often but have been so busy around here that i havn't made my rounds to all, winter will be better.I know i am getting awfully house bound and need to get out soon.
As for the cats, i don't worry about the blanket as i worry about the them scratching the couch, have to say they have left it alone.Surprise surprise. But i do cut there nails regularly

Shammickite said...

Hey there Hopalong.... that's a drag (hahaha get it? drag?) having a bad foot, but make sure you wear the cast and it'll be better soon. meanwhile you can use it as a great reason to be waited on hand and... wait for it... FOOT!
That's so interesting about the Danish town, I'd love to go there.
And WOW that sure is a LOT of fingers!

rosemary said...

Happy belated birthday...looks like it was a great,, long celebration. We have been blog friends for a year now because I remember reading about your birthday last year.

There aren't enough fingers in a busload of old people to tell my age.

Anonymous said...

Boy you don't stop even when your injured! Oh your foot mess sounds so painful!! Yes, you MUST wear your cast. Let it heal and take advantage of this down time.


Ginnie said...

Why does Solvang ring a bell?? I'm guessing we must have been there years ago but I have no recollections of it beside the name. Wouldn't you think I'd remember THAT WINDMILL??? What a fabulous image!!!

I hate for you that your foot has had all these complications. Pooh! But do what you're supposed to do and continue to pamper it. We need you around for a long time!!