Monday, August 04, 2008

Rounding off the celebrations

Saturday was the final installment of my birthday celebrations. It was a combined birthday party with Jimmy, since he turns 40 in less than 2 weeks. All in all, I think I had 6 different events celebrating my notorious 40th.

The first was in May when my cousin from Seattle came for a week to visit with her family. They're shy, otherwise I'd post pic.

The day before my birthday, I went to fondue with Danielle and her sweet little girl. bad photographer (that'd be me) should have moved those water glasses.

The day of my birthday, we went to Benihana.

A week-long combined celebration at the hideaway with family and friends.

A mini GTG (get-together) at the Old Spaghetti Factory with the Yuens and Brewers because they couldn't make it to...

A dinner party for both of us at our favorite Mexican restaurant with the Bowens, Chanceys, Phin, Madmax, the Parentals and my youngest SIL.

That's a whole lotta cake and/or ice cream consumed, not to mention great food!

But the birthday celebrations aren't quite over yet. For me, yes. But Danielle and Jimmy's birthdays are the 13th and 14th. We are going to Southern California this weekend to celebrate Danielle's. Then we'll celebrate Jimmy's with the parentals on his actual day.

Hurray! More cake and/or ice cream! Must keep moving more than consuming though.

Not a bad way to start off a new decade, is it?


Unknown said...

Looks like some fun birthday parties!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad I couldn't be there. :-( Have fun in LA!!! Miss you. - v

Shammickite said...

OH Parties galore... what fun!
You obviously had a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY this year!
Going to S California?
Watch out for "the Big One"! Don't want you to siddenly drop into the Pacific when the big earthquake hits.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Wow, Mad, you really know how to celebrate! Sounds marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, these were such great pictures. I lourve the top one of you and Jimmy.
BIG bday (((hugs)) to you!

Ginnie said...

It just occurred to me: you could be my daughter! And I would be ever so proud! :) Happy Birthday again.