Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Craving Color

As much as I love being outside among the green trees and blue skies, sometimes I just need a super saturated color fix. So here are a handful of fun, colorful photos from a few years ago at the county fair.

Anyone going to the county fair this year? What are your favorite rides? Do you have any traditional foods that you like to eat? Are there any special items you are looking to purchase? Do you enter in any of the contests?


lorenzothellama said...

Yes, well. It certainly is very colourful! I like loads of colour too.
Glad you know all about our little Hammond! My favourite episode was when Clarkson and May had a race with Hammond to the North Pole. Clarkson and May were in a 4x4 and Hammond was in a dog-sledge!

Unknown said...

These are very nice! I'll be going to my fair this year!

Jodi said...

I love the colors! I went to the Orange County Fair last week and it was pretty lame. I did eat a fried twinkie. I look forward to the L.A. County Fair in September. They have much better animals. That's what I go for and mostly what I photograph...the animals. We used to play midway games, but they've gotten too pricey. My husband always gets this huge sausage sandwich and then complains about being full for 3 days!

zann said...

I am not much of a county fair person.. it would probably be different if they didn't always come in mid-August in the south.. when the heat is near unbearable.. and the dust is heavy in the air and all that mixed with the smell of grease and sweaty people.... it's just not my thing. However I love the ideas of fairs and the colors and figure if they came in spring or later in fall I'd love them as much as I love amusement parks. I love the tilt-a-whirl and the scrambler rides. I'm absolutely terrified of ferris wheels. But I'm a big fan of funnel cake and corn dogs. And love to wander around farm and home exhibits. I've always wanted to go to one that had a tunnel of love... but have yet to find one.

Shammickite said...

My local fair is Markham Fair held at the end of September.... no doubt I'll be going to it so look out for the blog coverage.
Your fair looks huge... and certainly very colourful!
Hey Mad... how come you know all about this Hamnmond chappie and I don't? You must subscribe to a more expensive cable TV package than I do. You must be RICH!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

WOW, all the color. Amazing shots and such a beautiful sky in the background.

I haven't been to a county fair in ages, but I have to admit that I love, love, love corn dogs, love to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl and would purchase all of the homemade poundcake I could afford. As for contests, never entered them, but once had a clown attempt to guess my age and won a big straw hat.

susan d said...

Great colors, what a boost!
I love corn dogs and fried onion rings, the shredded grease soaked ones that make you burp and fart and wish you'd never taken the first bite.

Ginnie said...

God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be at our fair in October, with Nicholas. He just turned 8 and this will be his 7th time at the fair with us! This time we'll have to take a friend of his to ride the rides with him that we can't stomach! HA!

Yes, even though I'm in a DEsaturation phase with my images, even I have to get the total saturated colors from time to time!