Friday, July 11, 2008


Thanks for all the feedback on the restaurant. I'm staying clear for quite a while if not forever. I'll miss the coffee and the friendly faces. I mentioned to Lorenzo the Llama that perhaps I should write a letter since I like them and don't want to see them doing poorly much less be infested. Should I do it anonymously or be brave and sign my name?

In other news:
-Look ma, no cavities.
-The temperatures have dropped below 100 degrees. Today's high was a warm but comfortable 85.
-I spent $0 zilch nada on craft supplies this week!
-Still reading Eat Pray Love. About 1/2 way done. Lots of great quotes I need to write down.
-7 weeks before a 5k that I have not trained for one bit. {Biting nails}
-Lovin' summer fruit.
-Staying local this weekend.

Happy weekendz to all!
I'm Outtie.


Unknown said...

Hi there! Thank you THANK YOU!!! Really appreciate the support through this adventure!
PS Eat Pray Love is on my wanna read list so I'm happy that your enjoying it, makes me want to get it more lol

lorenzothellama said...

C'mon!! Seven weeks is ample training for a 5k. race. Get those running shoes on.

I think you should be up-front and tell the restaurant who you are. They won't want to lose a good customer and I am sure they would rather know about little nasties in their dining room. You never know, they may be so pleased with you that they will give you a free meal!

Ginnie said...

I love your "randomness," Mad! One day I would really like to meet you! And I mean that sincerely. :) (But you already know that!)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I'm anxious to hear what you think about Eat, Pray, Love.

Jodi said...

I didn't respond to your restaurant post, but we ate somewhere about 12 years ago and a roach crawled up the wall by our booth and I've never been back. It's a well-liked chain and I won't go to any of them.

Shammickite said...

Write the letter, and sign your name, definitely!
I wouldn't advise you to do that if it was just a random one time visit to a restaurant that you'll probably never go to again... but as it's a place you like and have been to many times, and may like to return to one day, you should tell them about your experienece with the unwanted guest!
Good to know it's a bit cooler in CA, you should come to canada for a holiday, the weather is PERFECT here!!!!

Anonymous said...

I looooourve Eat,Pray,Love. Have read 3x about to read it again, lol. The pray part is long but worth it and full of so much inspiration.
Way to go missy on the 5k!! That is exciting. You are braver than I. Sometimes I think I should try a race but then I chicken out. Running is an "alone" thing for me. Make sure you get someone to take pics of you so we can see!