Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I have a problem and I need your help...

I was sitting at one of my fav restaurants, minding my own business, reading a lovely book, finishing up a chapter before leaving. I had already finished eating a better than expected Louie salad. It was delicious...the shrimp and crab were tasty, the lettuce crisp. I was engaged in what I was reading, but out of the corner of my eye, something moves on the seat next to me. Yep, from the photo above, you guessed correct...a cockroach. I watched it for just a moment, hoping it would scurry into some crevice, but instead it sauntered up the seat, closer to my face. Of course I moved away. It still would not crawl into a crevice. No, it continued it journey towards me with its antennea moving frantically. I quickly stood up, grabbed my bill, book, purse then paid and left. Feeling like the creepy crawlies.

So, my question to you is this: would you go back?

Things to considering:
-I've eaten there for 5 years and never saw a cockroach. Actually now that I think of it, I don't recall even seeing a fly.
-It's a clean establishment. By my standards at least. Which I'm not anal about but I'm not big fan of greasy spoons.
-The restaurant/building has been there forever, at least since the 60s, maybe even the 50s. That's a guess tho based on the other establishments around it.
-It's popular.
-It wasn't a very big cockroach. Not like the photo, which is from the zoo in an enclosed display.
-I live in a big city, the most populated city in the Bay Area. But it's not like SF or NYC where you kind of expect to see them. Do big cities just equal cockroaches?

So, if you wouldn't go back, would you consider getting take out?
Or is the ick factor too much?
Or the vision of those damn antennea looking like they were zeroing in on me?
Aren't they suppose to hide in the cracks where we don't see them and can pretend that they don't exist???

And local friends? Sorry, but I won't tell you which restaurant this was. Mostly because if I take you here if i decide to go back, i'd fear that all you'd think about is cockroaches...what was that crunch in your salad? A candied pecan or ??? -edit-ok i lied. I told local friends who've asked. Cuz I don't want them to eat any "candied pecans" when they don't have to.


Anonymous said...

ban ban ban! you see one then there's more! - v

Shammickite said...

I was eating a most delicious Indian curry at an establishment in downtown Toronto, and a cockroach crawled up the wall beside me. We paid the bill and never went back.
Do restaurants in your area have a cleanliness rating? All eating places here have to display a certificate of cleanliness... Green is OK, if they get a yellow, they have to clean up within a specified time, and if they get a red certificate, they are closed down until they can pass inspection.
Cockroaches are so nasty, YUCK!

lorenzothellama said...

Did you report it to the owners? Most would want to know about things like that and would be keen to remove it. All sorts of creepy things can move in without anyone realizing. Do cockroaches actually cause any harm? I know they are repulsive, but do they necessarily mean dirtyness.

My daughter-in-law fights a constant battle with cockroaches in their flat in Tokyo and the place is cleanliness personified! She is so particular but still gets infestations.

When we sail in the Med. we are always told never to take cardboard packaging on board as cockroaches like to lay their eggs in cardboard and once an infestation occurs it is hard to get them out. In England the Health and Safety people often prowl around eating places to make sure they are up to standard.

I wouldn't give up on your favourite restaurant, but let the owner know what happened and see if they get rid of the little buggers!

Anonymous said...


This freaks me out more than you will ever, ever, ever know. I have huge "bug issues".


dot said...

When I think of stuff like this I wonder why I ever eat out.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Hmmmm, I would eat there again; one bug doesn't mean the place is infested, but it would be a while before I'd go back and it does give me the creepy crawlies.

susan d said...

I saw one crawling on the wall of the restroom of a joint I went to occasionally. Yes, I went back once I kind of forgot about it. I like the idea of notifying the owner and/or health dept. to do a surprise inspection.
BTW- that wasn't a real picture you took of it, was it?

paris parfait said...

I'd tell the restaurant. I know from living in New York that the only thing that will really get rid of cockroaches is boric acid powder sprinkled around the baseboards.

phinner said...

heeeey, where's my comment?! I posted a comment!