Friday, May 02, 2008

Hello, My name is Madeline and I'm an Amazon Junkie

I spend an unhealthy amount of time browsing Amazon's store. I know a whole lot of people who do the same with Target and while I'm also a big fan of Target, going there requires leaving the house. And sometimes leaving the house isn't fair for the rest of the general public.

Well, wouldn't you know it that Amazon would make it very convenient to set up your own store of sorts. It's not really your store, because it's still Amazon, but you can add any fun thing that you find while browsing on their site so you have a nice, convenient way to refer back to those goodies. And an easy way to show your friends what you've found. They're brilliant. More free advertising for them. A quick reference list for me. A peek for you to see what I like to browse and shop for. Well, whatever the motivation, I'm all for making shopping easier.

So, I'm really not sure where all this is headed. I might do a weekly post highlight some of my favorite finds of the week. Or this might be the last time I post about it. As we all know, I have the worst time with 'stick-to-itivness'. That's an actual word by the way. At least according to the American Heritage® Dictionary, Fourth Edition. Who'da knew?


Anonymous said...

That would be very cool. I always like seeing what people find. Amazon has great deals if you take the time too look for them. Lately I've been shopping their mp3 section. Downloading a song here and there for .89 cents. Love it.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Oooooh, Mad, you are so darned helpful.