Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Spring Burn

Ginnie left a good comment in my previous post about comparing the photos I took in 2005 to this year. While I didn't think to do any comparison photos, our weekend was vastly different because it never would have occurred if the ground was covered with fresh snow.

Our hideway is tucked among lots of pine trees and every spring it's the duty of the homeowner to get rid of the pine needles because of the dangers of fire in the dry summer and fall months. In the rural area where our hideway is, it's lawful to burn your pine needles up until the end of May. Within our little neighborhood, 4 households were burning pine needles. So Jimmy decided to join them.Look at that handsome smile with the fire glowing on his face.

Of course, it's not fun and games when tending to a fire.

He watches over it carefully, making sure not to add too many needles to the fire and stoking it just right.

Why are there often eerie face-like photos in flames? Or do we all just have good imaginations? What stories were we told as kids that we see haunting images like this? Do you see the face howling out in this photo? It only has one eye, which might make it a little more harrowing.

Do you see the full figured image in this one? The haunting tiny head, looking right with a somewhat crooked grin, arms out, dressed in a robe of flames? Does it give you goosebumps?

Alrighty then.

Let's move on to something more cheerful...
My daffodils at the hideaway are just starting to pop up. Happy little daffodils!


Lilli & Nevada said...

We have that policy around this area too, if you live out and pine needles are very thick in some area. they fine you if you don't clean it up at a certain time.
It looks to me like someone is really having a good time with that fire. Did you have hot cocoa and sit outside all bundled up?
Nice daffodils

phinner said...

are you mistaking a handsome smile with a wicked (boy) grin?! he is cute tho'!!!

I see a skull in the 4th fire! ah, but that's totally predictable isn't it? hee!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy CRAP, that freaked me out...and then I busted up laughing as you transitioned us to the flowers...sigh, thanks.
I actually saw a dogs head in one of those. Weird. I loved burning yard debri and it's smell when we lived rural. Something very earthy about it.
Great, fun..scary pics.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! uh, NOT! why you gotta freak me out like that right before i'm going to bed? (biting my nails)

Shammickite said...

You captured the frenzied agony of the fire spirits.... wooooooo.....

rosemary said...

We'd normally be doing spring clean up too, but with so much snow on the ground, can't rake anything. We make slash piles all over the place but they have to be burned with a hose turned on right at the burn. so all of our piles end up around the house area. we have 16 acres and will need to do logging this year and will have the forest floor cleaned at the same time. it is a huge job, costly and takes weeks. the last time it was done was 10 years ago.

Unknown said...

dramatic shots of the flames! very nice!
Wiley Willows Photoblog

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I love watching fire. . . you see so many things in it, some so very spooky.