Monday, February 11, 2008

hello from NYC

You have to believe we are magic...nothing can stand in our way!
Sorry, still on a Xanadu high. Saw it Sunday matinee. Beyond fabulous! Would expound but ohsovery tired.
want to give few lots more details, but it's late and very tired, but wanted to pop in and say hello! for now, so far:

-Breakfast at Balthazar's
-Shopping at Kate's Paperier
-Dinner at Junior's
-Marathon viewing of Sex in the City

-Lunch during the Food and History Tour. 3.5 hours, walking in 11 degrees, with wind chill that made it actually feel like -3 degrees. California Girl thanks NYC for being so thoughtful on the weather.
this tour was amazing! totally worth being in what actually felt like sub zero temperatures for 3.5 hours. we did walk into restaurants and food shops so weren't outside the entire 3.5 hours so at least we got a few moments to recover while inside. and eat very very good food. Including:
a slice at Joe's Pizza
Artisan bread featuring O&Co olive oil, cherry balsamic vinegar and sea salt.
An amazing beatnik underground 'theater' downstairs in the Cornelia Street Cafe
Cheese tasting at Murray's Cheese
Thai dumplings at Lime Bistro
Chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie at Milk and Cookies Bakery
Another slice of pizza at Bleeker Street Pizza
Ending with Italian cannoli's at Rocco's Pastries
Plus lots of other influential restaurants and historic sights in the village.
Again, I hope to give more details later.
-actually went to the fitness center and rode stationary bike for 20 minutes after the above indulgence.
-Out again for dinner at Patsy's back in the Village. Split misto salad and penne a la vodka with my SIL.
-then dessert at Chocolate at the Bald Man's.
Back to apartment to ooze. and thaw. and sleep.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Oh, Mad, it all sounds delish. Mmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

wow, that sounds totally AWESOME! yum yum YUM!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun! Next time you and I need to do that tour! :-) -v

Ginnie said...

Since I was there in NYC last April, I KNOW you are having a ball! So glad you have this opportunity!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Well i can see that you have been a very busy girl, all those places and all those calories, but i know you walked them all off, so no worries there right?
I forgot to say last message Happy Valentine's Day

Art the Omnipotent said...

How wonderful, a trip and to such a fabulous place. What could make it better? Xanadu, that ROCKS!!!!!! I love, love, love Xanadu!