Sunday, February 03, 2008

2:3 Superbowl Sunday

I only watch the commercials so while Jimmy watched the game, I made a few things.

And I also made a new blog banner for February:



phinner said...

aiiii! kawaii!!! tute banner!

love the paper on the birdy card...
do something creative every day! you made up for Fri. and Sat!

how could you say that that Billy is a bad cat?

Anonymous said...

I whats for the commercials to! nice creations!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Such a sweet new banner. Love the colors! And I suspect Billie isn't a bad cat, just misunderstood.

And you know I'm loving the bird motif. Beautiful work.

Shammickite said...

NOOOOOOO.... she's a GOOD CAT!

BTW, Knitting squares on the diagonal is easy peasy.
Start off with one stitch on the needle and increase one stitch at the start of every row. Then when the straight side is long enough (6" in my case) decrease one stitch at the start of every row until you are left with only one stitch, and voila! A diagonally knitted square. Doesn't stretch like a straight knitted square.
That's the lesson for today.

Anonymous said...

Love the new header and your Creative everyday bird and your bad cat cracked me up...we have a naughty kitty too.

Ginnie said...

You totally rock, Mad. And I mean that sincerely! :)