Thursday, January 24, 2008

Savannah's are now called Do-Si-Dos

I'm an 'auntie' before a weight watchers member.
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Jimmy and I bought 5, yes 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. We like to support the girl scouts, especially when we know a girl scout personally. We bought:
Thin Mints: Mint flavored cookie covered with dark chocolate. Both my and Jimmy's favorite. Who doesn't like eating a cookie and having fresh breath at the same time?
Savannahs/Do-Si-Dos: Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie. Jimmy's other favorite. He wanted 2 boxes, but when I was on the phone with Miss AB, I wasn't sure if they were the same thing. So I ordered one box of this and the other peanut butter cookie...
Tag Alongs: round cookie with a layer of peanut butter and covered with chocolate. Even though we've never had these before, I doubt we'll have any trouble whatsoever consuming a whole box of something similar to a Reese's.
All Abouts: A shortbread cookie with a layer of fudge on the bottom. We've never had these either, but shortbread and chocolate? Yum.

What are your favorite Girl Scout Cookies?


phinner said...

"are they made with real girl scouts?"

frozen thin mints are my favorite. and I loved the sugar sprinkled shortbread from days gone by. I miss those!

phinner said...

thanks for the visual, btw. now I gotta buy me some girl scout cookies! sheesh!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Confession: I sold Girl Scout cookies for 12 years. I had a very intricate sales plan.

I must admit that I do love the Tagalongs and Samoas, but I always get some Trefoils too. . . to further support my butter cookie addiction.

Did you know that different parts of the country sell a different line of cookies?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, bout different parts of the country selling different lines of cookies....
I don't care much for cookies, believe it or not, I'm a salt junkie (chips, popcorn, nuts etc). The only cookie I like is oatmeal raisin (no nuts). I LOVE THEM!!!

Ginnie said...

Rats! That's the thing about being gone from Atlanta right now. We've missed the Girl Scout cookies. NEVER say NO to Girl Scout cookies! And anything with peanut butter in them is my favorite!

Shammickite said...

I have never heard of some of those cookies! And we have Girl Guides here in Canada, not Girl Scouts. The Girl Guide Cookies here are minty chocolate in the spring and mixed boxes of chocolate and vanilla sandwich type cookie in the fall. That way we don't have the difficulty of choosing which kind to buy.

Jodi said...

I've always known them as Do-Si-Dos. Strange. Favorites are Tagalongs. Frozen. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

madretz said...

jodi: yea, they've probably been called do-si-dos for the past 20 years for all I know. but jimmy's brain is probably stuck in 1984. or 1974. So when I say "are now called"'s all relative to the workings of my husbands memory.

zann said...

Isn't it interesting how girl scout cookies have different names depending on what part of the country you are in. Where I'm from in middle TN and where I am now (East TN) have the same cookies but different names for them. Last year I ordered some from my nieces back home and some from my co-worker. Same kinda cookies but with different names.
For instance I love Tag Alongs but up here they are called Peanutbutter Patties. And I love Samoas but her they are called Carmel Delights. Weird huh?
And the boxes are slightly different too. I did a whole post on this last year on my other journal, complete with pictures -
if you are interested :)

Anonymous said...

I joke that the "tag alongs" are named so because they tag along on my behind. Five boxes you say? Your a lightweight. I bought 15...granted my daughter is the GS and I kinda had to. :)

Unknown said...

Thank goodness I found you. The peanut butter sandwich cookie had been Savannahs to me since my 1950-60's Girl Scout days . I could not find that name for them in any historical (turning into hysyerical) googleing. Now I know that childhood memory was not a lie. Did not connect Savannah to GS founding city til recently . Unless I forgot that I knew 😄 best childhood memories are from scouting.Fran Beck