Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"I don't do resolutions"...

So I say.
I like the idea starting the new year with a fresh outlook, but I'm not a fan of pressure or commitment. And I'm not so good on the follow through. So why would i set myself up for failure? I've avoided making resolutions for several years because of this. However, the month of December brought on several excesses that definitely need to be tamed.

My cousin has started her New Year with strict spending moratorium for 3 months. I considered joining her with some modifications. Earlier today Jimmy and I were reviewing our expenses and in the past month I had spent $5 here, $13 there, $21 everywhere, and even though each purchase was not a whole lot, multiply them by a kazillion and next thing I know, I've racked up a 17grandmilliondollar credit card bill. While I can justify some of it as Christmas expenses, I also managed to spend quite a bit on crafting supplies. For myself. Big surprise. So, realistically I know I won't be able to completely cut my crafting expenses out, but I'll definitely commit to cutting my expenses by at least 50%. (I can practically hear phin saying 'yeaaaa riiiiight'). For 3 months. Then I'll do a reassessment.

Battle of the Bulge
The first half of last year I did pretty well with the battle. Then I got a little lazy but maintained for the next 3 months. Then this crazy thing happened the end of November. It was called Thanksgiving. December continued the feasting. Well, it's time to get my focus back. And move more. I need to motivate myself to go on walks or hikes, take my camera and shoot photos. Now I need to figure out what to do with all these delicious foods, sweets and treats that are still lingering in my house.

A Load of Crap
Through the years, I've collected a massive quantity of stuff. I think it's related to the shopping problem. I have this "rule" where if I buy something, I need to get rid of something else in its replacement. I'm pretty good at sticking to this rule with clothes, shoes, bags or kitchen supplies. But I break it almost every time with crafting supplies. I really need to purge.

Anybody else attempting any New Year's resolutions commitments possibilities for 2008?

photos from the hideaway this weekend. completely unrelated to this topic. but as you can see, there was a tiny bit of snow.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Mmmmm, beautiful snow shots. I am jealous as we only saw a few flurries.

You know, I am in line with your "changes" thinking. I am determined to knit up some stash before enhancing it further. I so need to find ways to use my body more in my every day life (ie hiking, walking more etc.) and as for stuff, it's taken over! I am clearing out little by little, but it's never enough.

Anonymous said...

I can Identify with having "a load of crap" nice shots!

Anonymous said...

3 months, 3 months, 3 months!!!! You-can-do-it! :) - v

Anonymous said...

3 months.... i'll be your sponsor during your 12 step program.

susan d said...

One year I did a no new clothes rule (second-hand and gifts okay). I made to October when I got a new job and felt I needed a few thing in order to stand up in front of a bunch of jr. high kids and teach. I started at the consignment shops, but then broke down and all h--- broke loose. Not really, but I broke the resolution.
Last year I tried to go three months without scrapbook supplies and almost made it. I do like the idea of using up or giving away the old stuff.
No resolution this year, possibilities, maybe... just don't know what yet.
I like the giveaways on Free Cycle (available in lots of communities.)

rosemary said...

I am a complete failure at resolutions. I guess I oucld try to swear less and not bitch so much.....but, nah, I'd fail. Please come and get some of our snow. I'd help load it up for you and wave and yell bye as you drove off. And I'd fill up your tank too.

Ginnie said...

I'm a bit like you, Mad, with not making resolutions, per se. BUT I do know I need to do more exercise here in Atlanta. It's easy to get out and walk in Amsterdam, but here is something else. So, just yesterday I was saying I need to do something about that. Thanks for the reminder.

phinner said...

No regrets! Throw out the snaks!!!

As for the other stuff, I guess we should be supporting each other! YOU GO GIRL!!! : .)

Jodi said...

Well, I have gotten back on the battle of the bulge myself. Doing well with healthy eating so far, but I need to get to the moving more bit.