Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Capping the end of a fun Christmas filled with omg oh so many smiles. Been reviewing the photos the past couple of hours and there are some great ones. The best photos are of our more shy family members so I can't post them but they were some of the biggest smiles of the day. Priceless moments.

Jimmy and I headed out late Monday morning. After lunch, I found Jimmy with the nieces sitting on the driveway...sorting thru this pile of junk for over 20 minutes making odd little creations.

That afternoon we headed up one of the Bay Area's tallest peaks. The view up there was amazing. And yes, the temperature was pretty mild. In the 50s. Good weather for a hike.

This side of the family loves to adventure. They are Active. And they like to climb. Here's the dad but the girls, especially the oldest, was right behind him climbing up those steep peaks. In fact, if you make the picture bigger, you can see her down the peak a bit from her dad. We headed home and were very thankful for my MIL's amazing Christmas Eve Dinner. I kid you not people. Her food is amazing. Imagine Paula Deen but probably better. This was no month to be on weight watchers, lemme tell ya.

Christmas morning we had an early and hearty breakfast. But we couldn't keep the nieces waiting any longer. They had been waiting so patiently. There were lots of surprises. And many many hugs and kisses to go with them. Here's an interesting photo jimmy took of me after I just opened some fun books, hopefully guaranteeing that my 2008 will continue to be as creative as the past several years.

And after watching my niece learn how to use her new Heelys...I wanna try it too!!! Don't you? You know you do...you've seen those kids at the store. They practically run you down but before cursing them, you really think 'That'd actually be pretty cool to do. I wonder if they make them in adult sizes.'


Nan said...

Wonderful photos. That picture of Jimmy with the girls is so sweet.

I've often thought how much fun Heelies are. I wish I'd had an adult version when I was teaching and walking up those l-o-n-g hallways, or on campus at college walking, walking, walking.

ps. I went to Amazon to look at your books. The mixed emulsions book looks full of possibilities...and I saw one of Tim Holtz' techniques in there. You are going to have so much fun!

rosemary said...

Loved your pictures and love your new look....very soft and soothing. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas...yes, I would like to try Heelies, but I would alos like to smack the kids that wear them in stores...or smack their mothers. Of course I'd fall on my big butt, but there is lots of padding!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Mmmmm, what a deliciously wonderful holiday you had. Good company, beautiful scenery, yummy food and some great gifts. A perfect combination.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh you all seemed like such a nice family having fun, How special is that. The hiking is great that you all would do that. I love the weather as well.

Shammickite said...

Anothe fun Christmas full of memories to look back on!

Anonymous said...

very nice series!