Saturday, December 22, 2007

Coal in my stocking

While I can definitely eat more than my fair share of Hershey Kisses, there's no way in tarnation that I coulda eaten all those kisses in my last post after the celebrating (ie: eating) I've been doing.

Thursday night, I went out with friends from another stamp club that I'm a member of. Only half of us were able to make it, but at least we were all able to partake in the same conversations.
We had dinner at Stacey's Cafe in Pleasanton, which is co-owned by Scott Adams the writer of the Dilbert cartoons. Not only did I finish my entrée, but I also had dessert (gasp!). I refrained from licking my plate since this was an actual cloth napkin restaurant. After I got home I made more of those Pretzel Kisses for my get-together on Friday with
The Bowen's. We had a casual dinner at their house then went out in the 45 degree weather to walk around their neighborhood and look at all the fancy lights. Do you burn more calories when your walking if you're shivering at the same time? Ok, I know some of my Northerner bloggy friends are rolling your eyes at me and my 45 degrees because I've seen your pictures and your snow and your ice but I was freezing. Maybe I should have worn a jacket. That probably would have helped. I'll make a mental note next time.


Shammickite said...

When you say "stamp club" do you mean postage stamps or rubber stamps? Or perhaps stamping your feet? I'm dying to know.

Shammickite said...

45 degree weather? Oh you poor thing. Did you see any polar bears?

Ginnie said...

You crack me up, Mad!! Even we in Atlanta wear a jacket when it's 45 degrees...unless I'm just moving from the car to a building and back.

You will NOT get coal in your stocking. Not from me, M'Lady!!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Mad, you are such a popular girl and all of your seasonal parties/get-together prove it. And desserts and holidays go together, right?

Anonymous said...

very nice pictures! I like the first one the best!

Lilli & Nevada said...

LOL i can't believe you didn't wear a jacket even at 45 thats cold. Seems warm when your in our kind of weather but even at that i would of wore one. Silly you
I am trying to catch up here, i thought i was keeping an eye on your blog but i can see i am way behind