Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Button Tree

Since I've gotten all of my Christmas shopping done except for the husband, I'm finding myself doing a lot more crafts than I usually do this time of the year.

I found this project originally on Ali Edwards blog here. Which lead me to Tia Bennett's post and how to on Two Peas. Their photos are great, so I highly recommend visiting their blogs to see their awesome trees. Tia's link has complete how-to instructions.

Below are my quickie instructions:
Here are the supplies. Buttons: over 400. Pins: over 400, pearl white and pink. 9" white foam cone. I put the buttons in the baking dish so I could sort and see what I had to work with.

Following Tia's instructions, use the biggest buttons first and pin randomly. After using biggest buttons, use medium buttons...and so on. Overlap if you need/want to.

About 1.5 hrs later, while watching tv, you'll have this:I used a small jelly jar filled with the unused buttons as my trunk. I kind of screwed it into the foam so it had a lip to settle into. Take lots of cool pictures and share them with your bloggey friends.

(another rerun from N-N).


rosemary said...

That is adorable.....I might just be able to make one...rosemary of the no talent group.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Oh, Mad, this is genius. I love it. Makes me want to dig out all of my old buttons and go for it. Did you paint the cone before applying the buttons?

Shammickite said...

I like this idea, I may commandeer it and make one of my own.... but... the question is, do I have enough buttons?
Thanks for your comment on the Crab post.... would that be Crabarazzi??

zann said...

Ohmagoodness! I love it! I may steel this from you to make for my mother for next Christmas. She loves buttons and this is right up her ally. And if I can find a Ball jar for the base, I may make one for my mother-in-law too. You're my Rudolf :P!! Shining a light on wonderful crafts and saving next year's Christmas.

Nan said...

And wouldn't a picture of it be great on a Christmas Card...

One button,
Two button,
Three button,
Five button,
Six button,
Seven button,

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Happy Holidays!

See, Mad, you inspire me! Thanks for the great sites you steer us to.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh Mad that is fantastic, i wish i had the ambition to do crafts but i don't, but love to see everyone elses

Unknown said...

all your shopping done! I haven't begun! nice shots of the craft.
thanks for stopping by
Wiley Willows!

Anonymous said...

oh how cute! I would love to have the time to make such a thing. :) - v

Art the Omnipotent said...

This is so cute!!! It's perfect for Syd and I to work on. Thanks for sharing!!

Ginnie said...

So, so cool, Mad! I find the cutest ideas when I come here to your site. I love it! :)

paris parfait said...

What a great idea! Your button tree is adorable. Best of all, no needles to shed on the carpet!

DonnaRae said...

Do you take it down after christmas and then make all over next christmas? I have lots and lots of buttons. Probably will make one. Going to Hobby Lobby tomorrown to pick up the largest cone I can find. Hopefully there are some as that is a big seller this time of year. Thanks for showing us this fun craft.
Donna Rae