Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween in Seattle

It's much colder in Seattle than in California, lemme tell ya. But that's not news to anyone. I'm glad I decided to take my winter jacket. And by winter jacket, I mean California Winter Jacket: ie: I was still really cold. But freezing my butt off was totally worth it because I got to spend Halloween with my cousin and her son and experience his first Halloween as a toddler. It was flippin' awesome. He was so adorable in his turtle costume and even won 2nd prize for best costume at his daddy's work. Here's a little collage of my quick visit:
The first 2 pics are at a beach by Puget Sound. There are tidepools here, but it was high tide so we enjoyed the scenery and walked along the shore a bit. The next 3 are at a Monastery along the shores of Lake Washington. Fall in Washington is an awesome experience! My cousin said it had already peaked a couple weeks before but it was more impressive than anything I've ever experienced. (Interesting how my hair matches the orange trees, isn't it?) The next 3 are my cute little nephew Turtle out trick or treating! So sweet. And the last photo is flying back home and a view of downtown San Jose where it was a warm 74 degrees when I arrived.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Welcome back. Autumn in Washington is amazing, isn't it?

And I have never seen sucha cute little turtle. Adorable.

paris parfait said...

Looks like so much fun! Terrific photos. xo

Lilli & Nevada said...

that is a cute outfit, did she buy it or make either way its adorable, yes the weather has gotten cold, compared to Calif. down to 21 the other morning here in Bend, but the day time its been very warm, in the upper 60's
glad to have you back how did the kittie and hubby do while you were away having fun?

Nan said...

Love the montage...and that turtleboy costume is so-oo-o cute!

Anonymous said...

HEHE...miss u. :(