Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well hello October, aren't you beautiful

I've got a pretty busy month ahead and I'm looking forward to the adventures.

We went to the hideaway this past weekend with our good friends the Bowen's.Ok, now aren't they one of the most photogenic families you've seen?

It was too cold to take the boat out, but the kids still enjoyed getting into the boat even though it never left the garage.Miss A does her best Titanic impression even though she's never seen the movie.

Prince W got so excited he had a devilish little grin.

He definitely loved pretending to drive it. The imaginations of awesome to see in their eyes.

Miss A pretended to row the boat, all the while singing the appropriate song, but Little W continued on his journey powering down that gentle stream.

After our garage boating adventures, we headed to Covers Apple Ranch for some lunch and a ride on the little train. Apparently the theme of the weekend was transportation.Here's the whole gang getting ready for a little ride.

Just about to go into the tunnel!

Interested in a little swim? Uh, no thank you. It may almost look picturesque, but I wouldn't even stick my big toe in that mucky water.

The ranch also has a few farm animals and the kids enjoyed feeding them some corn.

This last photo isn't in focus but she is just having so much fun that I couldn't resist.
Tomorrow, we're off again for another long weekend, first to Clear Lake then back to the hideaway with one of my dearest friends and her family.

My apologies to my bloggy friends, I'm very behind on catching up with your posts. We're only home for 2 days but I look forward to reading all about your autumn adventures next week. Till then I wish everyone a blissful, carefree, feel-like-you're-flying push on that swing.


zann said...

You are so right about that last picture, you can just feel the fun. J & I saw a house on HGTV that had a swing in the living room. I'm trying to convince Jay that we need to do that instead of a new couch :P

rosemary said...

what fun and great that

madretz said...

Rosemary-oops! That was a typo, it should have been photogenic, i made the correction. :)

Lilli & Nevada said...

Have a great time, we are back home now as well and i am trying to catch up with everyones blog as well. those are some great looking kids that are having one heck of a good time. Thanks for sharing.

Ginnie said...

What fabulous photos, Mad! And I'm really loving your borders. I'm gonna have to find out how you do those!!!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Mad, how awesome that you have such a place to share with your friends. I am sure they much appreciate the "get-away" and what beautiful weather you must have been having.

paris parfait said...

These are fab photos - looks like all concerned were having a blast! And I love your pumpkin banner! xo