Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall: Bring it!

I'm so ready for fall! The evenings are a little bit cooler, the air is a tiny bit crisper and every now and then there'll be a slight breeze. But we typically don't 'see' fall till mid-October or Thanksgiving. So I'll just have to accommodate my needs with these photos from a couple of years ago.
Sweet gum tree leaves on the front lawn.

SC at the apple ranch near our hideaway.


Shammickite said...

I love fall... the colours, the apples and pears, fields being harvested, the blue skies, even the rainy days. We have had a few cool nights, I have shut the bedroom window. The heavy quilt is on the bed. And I wore long pants this weekend, for the first time since June!!!

Anonymous said...

nice fall pics.

Lilli & Nevada said...

great colors.
Mad, you must come check out my blog on my daily activities as i have left you a note. This is too funny not to read.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Oh, autumn, can it get here soon enough? I am ready for sweater weather, soup, and fall colors.

Ginnie said...

This is my favorite time of the year, Mad! But I just realized that when we go back to Europe on Oct. 9, for a month, we will miss the Halloween and pumpkin time of the year here in Atlanta. We had so much fun last year with Nicholas, picking out his pumpkins. I'll hate to miss it this year. Guess we'll have to see what it's like in Europe then!

phinner said...

I thot I recognized these pixs!

As for "What's on your mind," which is ironic, since you stated "what's on your mind"...Its Dolphin Grey acrylic paint, applied with a sponge brush.

I dunno, sometimes it all just works out :.)

And yes, its 6am, I'm up and I fell asleep btwn 2 and 3, sigh.

zann said...

You and me both lady. I can't wait for pumpkins to begin appearing everywhere and that little nip in the air, and apple cider, and pumpkin bread, and.... and.... *sigh* it's just the best time of year in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Love the fall colors!
Thanks for popping over to our blog and sharing your lunch with us! :)
Linda and Karen

paris parfait said...

What fantastic photos! I love fall so much. And I miss the Pumpkin Festival at Half Moon Bay!