Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A common thing across two countries

Last week, (or was it the week before already?), the authorities of The Tree Trimming and Cutting Down Committee decided that one of the sweetgum trees on my street was no longer suitable for living. Of course, they didn't bother to tell any of the families who live within one house of the tree that they were planning this, so early one morning, we heard the noisy sound of chain saws. Didn't phase us though because we just thought it was the gardener with his leaf blower. Till the gardener was here for 2 hours. I finally peeked outside and thought "Huh. There's an awful lot of blue sky. I think they chopped down one of my trees." Yup, I'm observant. lol. BTW, the tree isn't really mine, firstly we rent, secondly, the trees are between our driveway and the neighbor's. But I've grown attached to it, despite the spikey balls it drops everywhere. It's beautiful in the fall - yellow, red, orange leaves. In California, ya gotta get whatever fall color you can whenever you can and embrace it. Anyhoo, once I saw them giving the poor tree the ax, I donned my spy camera and started snapping away.
An appendage being hauled to its violent fate.

At least its fate is mulch and will probably (hopefully) be used for something worthwhile.
After they left, I went to the street to see what was left. A sad little stump remained.
(BTW, just in case you can't quite read me, I'm being overly dramatic. The poor tree was probably diseased, I looked back at some of the photos I've taken and it was looking a bit dowdy. The powers that be don't usually go around cutting down trees willy nilly.)

The next day the Tree Dudes returned. The healthy sweetgum tree was due for a trimming in an effort to keep it healthy and hopefully to prevent it from the same fate as its partner.

Here's the solo tree, healthy and happy as can be.
I miss the shade from the other tree, but blue sky is good too.

Coincidentally, across the continent, in a different country, the same thing was happening at Rook's Nest. Check out her post on the trees being felled in her neighbourhood. I suppose it really isn't a coincidence that trees were being trimmed, after all tree trimming is a common thing. But it is pretty funny that it happened the same week, we both took photographic documentation of it and we read each others blog. But I admit that I was spurred and motivated by her post to actually blog about mine. Thanks Ex!

Well, she doesn't realize it, but she also gave me the bug for fresh jam. She's blogged about making cherry and strawberry jam recently. A couple of weeks ago, I had more peaches than I could eat before they went bad, so I made jam. Yum-o.
There's an explanation for my mish-mash of jars. All of them are from jams received from other friends who jam a lot so I thought it'd be nice to return the jars with some sweet goodness in kind.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh that poor tree, i hate to see trees cut down, we had about 10 trees in the back of the motel that the owners of the property next to us ended up cutting down, it was so sad, because they gave so much shade and so well developed. They said progress is why they were cut. Now it looks bare and lonely, and hot in the summer time. Oh the jam looks wonderful

Ginnie said...

If the tree was diseased, then thank God they cut it down before it fell on your house, rented or not! But yes, it's always sad to me when a tree has to go, for whatever reason. They are our friends!

I LOVE your jam-jar assortment and think how lucky your friends are to receive your kindness back. So like you, Mad!

Anonymous said...

How sad to have to have a tree cut down isn't it.
In our town they cut down 21 ancient Plaintain Trees, I was very sad.
Your tree was beautiful.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I have a strange attachment to all of our trees wherever we live, I hate to see them go.

Mmmmm the jam looks loverly.

Shammickite said...

Oh you have made me giggle... to think I have actually inspired someone the other side of the continent, WOW, that's a first!!
Your jam looks yummy, I think there's nothing nicer than preserving summer in a jar to be enjoyed through the winter. I suppose it must be my pioneer instincts kicking in.
The sweetgum trees are really tall, I had no idea. I think I am too far north to see them flourish here. That tree was hollow, will they leave the stump, or come at a later date to grind it away? And I hope the tree will be replaced. For every tree cut down, two more should be planted, IMHO.

Shammickite said...

In answer to your question about the food at the Hispanic Fiesta, there was a food area with outdoor stalls selling just about everything and I couldn't pronounce any of the names! I ate tacos de jacinta (I think) which was taco chips covered with guacamole, refried beans, chili, cheese, salad, probably more stuff I can't remember, and the Space Cadet ate "Pollo something" which was rolled up fajitas with chicken inside plus the ususal refried beans, salad etc. He said it was good, didn't leave any behind on the plate anyway! Plus Mexican beer, Tecate, or Dos Equus.

Jodi said...

Occasionally the city will come around and trim the large blossoming pear tree in front of our house that hangs over the street. It's necessary and grows back even more beautiful. It was really shocking the first time I came home from work and my lovely tree was unrecognizable. I burst into tears in my car. Yeah, I can be over dramatic too!

rosemary said...

The tree trimmers come around here too...even in the forest. They whack off the tops of trees away from the power lines...sometimes doing that kills the tree, then no one shows up. the tree just eventually falls over into oh, let's say the driveway or the middle of the street. Then rosemary gets her trusty bow saw out and saws it into smaller moveable pieces.

susan d said...

I made zuccini bread yesterday. Does that qualify as domestic??

paris parfait said...

Diseased or not, it's always a shame when a tree is chopped down. But good for you for making jam!

Anonymous said...

looks like good jam, nice pics!