Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Total Eclipse of the Moon

At 2:30am, Jimmy and I went outside to check out the lunar eclipse. I decided that I had to try to take photos of it, but failed miserably on clarity. However, I did manage to take a few interesting photos before my sleepiness and frustration got the best of me.
I think this happened when I pressed the shutter button.

This one caught the stars rotating, too. You can see it better if you enlarge the photo.


Shammickite said...

That's great. I was intending to get up and see the eclipse, it happened here at about 4:30am... but my warm comfy bed wouldn't let me get up. The sheets got all tangled in my feet.... you know how it is.... YAWN!

rosemary said...

I was up at 2....nothing happening so I went back to bed to "rest" for a half an hour....missed the whole thing. I think the pix are great!

Ginnie said...

Bravo to you, Mad. You did more than I did here in Amsterdam, which was nothing.

Look at what my sister did here.

Lilli & Nevada said...

great shot, i forgot all about it as i was so tired. Thanks for taking the time to get up that early

Jodi said...

Awesome! I really wanted to see it, but couldn't justify staying/getting up on a work night. I barely get enough sleep as it is.

paris parfait said...

Great shots! xo