Friday, August 03, 2007

From a 4 Year Old's Viewpoint

I have to share a few of my favorite photos that my nephew took.
This is the very first photo he took. Pretty good, huh? That's his little brother, his mom and his proud Aunt Madeline.

His big brother making goofy faces. Silly smiles seemed to be a theme that week.

This photo cracks me up. Because his mom and I were laying on the granite rocks on the other side of this boat and couldn't see them at all. But we heard a young woman say to my nephew "Hey little boy! Take our picture!" so he did! And this was the result. Little did they know his aunt would publish it on the internet for anyone to see. lol.

The next day, he started getting creative with the camera and did a couple of self-portraits. This was his second attempt. The first one he wasn't smiling, so I think when he reviewed the photo, he realized that he should smile first. Cracks me up! He also took some photos of his shadow. Which I've been known to do also.

This photo is mostly for Phin's benefit. We've been taking photos of our feet for as long as we've been snapping photos of each other. It's kind of like verification that we've been there if we've stepped on that ground. And again, without any coaxing from me, little nephew took these feet self-portraits on his own.

There were a few with heads chopped off or were blurry. But every single photo was worth looking at just to see what he saw and what he decided to capture.


Shammickite said...

Pretty good pictures for a youngster!
I remember when OlderSon (age about 5) was given a waterproof disposable camera on a trip to the beach, we ended up with a whole roll of pictures of stones and mud on the lake bottom. And developing and printing was EXPENSIVE back then.... none of this easy digital stuff!

mommy said...

Love these pictures! They are all so special. :)

Ginnie said...

How fun, Mad! We always give Nicholas throw-away cameras for his birthday and Christmas and always love what he comes up with. I guess we're mentoring the photographers of the next generation. :)

Hmm. Maybe we need to give him access to a cheap digital camera instead!

Jodi said...

What great fun to see the world through his eyes.

zann said...

Fabulous. That is one of my favorite gifts to give little kids is a disposable camera and money to get the film developed. I love seeing what they think is important and interesting. And how much more awesome that he instinctively takes pictures like the rest of the family. Too cool. Thanks for sharing those.

Green Butterfly said...

Awh...those are pretty sweet shots! Way to go nephew...!

Lilli & Nevada said...

great shots he will be a good photographer.
Wonder why kids make those funny faces? Its been going on for centuries i think