Saturday, August 04, 2007


(click on photo to enlarge).
We had a d.r.y winter and our lakes are at near record lows. Last year, however, we had near record high's. What a contrast.
This year, we had to launch the boat in the dirt. We've never done that before. Putting the boat into the lake was a breeze, but taking it out was another matter. Especially in Jimmy's front wheel drive volvo. But by day 2, we realized that all we had to do was put more weight on the front tires. So my BIL Steve, and I sat on the hood of the car, and Jimmy easily drove the boat out of the lake. I'm sure it was quite a sight for all the onlookers. Especially when Jimmy quickly stopped at the top of the makeshift ramp and I nearly fell off the hood in the front of the car.


rosemary said...

Catching what a great vacations/getaway. Looks like that 4 year old has quite a future. Pix of feet? I usually manage to tke pix of half of something, or the floor board of the car. No pix of the Volvo jumpers?

Ginnie said...

It's so very sad to see this, Mad! Sigh. But glad to see you figured out the solution to your boat/car problem. :)

Anonymous said...

looks like a great time even with the drought, nice shots!

Shammickite said...

That's a huge difference in water level from one year to the next. Glad to see you have a Volvo in the family.... the best cars in the world!

Lilli & Nevada said...

We have the same problem here in Bend, not much snow fall this last winter, in fact only 1/2 inch were we live which is unusual.