Thursday, June 28, 2007

Glimpses of past Alaskan adventures

I'm so blessed. I've been to Alaska twice already. But our upcoming trip will be my first to Anchorage and first not on a cruise. So I've been reflecting about my past adventures. Alaska has been very good to me. I've already shared a few photos here and on our family website. So this is just another one of my visual tributes to one of the most amazing places I've been.




Glacier Bay



Anonymous said...

awesome series, from boats, to wildlife. to awesome landscapes, to cool storefronts, to collapsing glaciers, to the nations bird the bald eagle, Alaska has it all! great series!

rosemary said...

WONDERFUL, wonderful pictures. I want to go to Alaska but I am afraid my husband would want to move there.

Laners said...

you went to Alaska and didn't visit..or invite me? jk. hope you had fun

susan d said...

Beautiful! Love the whales and bear.

Ginnie said...

We visited all those cities, Mad, on our Alaskan cruise several years ago. I will never forget the experience! So glad I can picture it with you. Thanks for the memories!