Friday, June 01, 2007

Cherry pickin'

Doris invited me to join her and June to pick cherries at Seko Ranch in Brentwood on Thursday morning. She goes every year and ordered 50 pounds for her and her whole family to share. All I wanted was 1-2 pounds but once we started picking, next thing I knew, I had 4 pounds in my bucket!

Here are Doris and June in the cherry tree field.

The trees were loaded.

We didn't even have to climb on ladders, although we did for a cute little photo-op with June picking cherries from the top of the tree.

There are also peach and apricot farms nearby.
June and I pretended to fight for the perfect peach. Actually, these peaches weren't quite ripe enough so after our little photo excursion, we headed to Peter Wolfe Ranch. Not only were the peaches and apricots wonderful, the woman working was so helpful and nice.

Now...what to do with 4 pounds of cherries...any suggestions?


phinner said...

Do you recall my potty haiku in email dated 8/8/06? ; .D


All I can think of is to eat 'em, in massive quantities and suffer the consequences because THEY TASTE SO GOOD!!!

Green Butterfly said...

Pie...Pie and more Pie. Send me a slice when you've made it too.

Shammickite said...

Eat them while sitting in a comfy garden chair under a tree with a good book on your knee. Ah bliss!
Or make cherry jam and savour the flavour (yup British spelling) on some toast in front of the fire on a rainy cold day...
Or send them to me!

zann said...

cherry pie, cherry cobbler, cherry juice, sliced cherries over vanilla ice cream... mmm. I envy your cherries. I must attend the farmers market this weekend.

Nan said...

They're almost too pretty to eat!

But since you've got four pounds of them, I vote for cherry cobbler!

susan d said...

those look delicious! And not that many points, I hope!

Ginnie said...

I totally agree with sitting down somewhere and eating them with a good book or a friend, one cherry at a time. HA! I love the memory of eating cherries and spitting out the pits! :)

welshwitch36 said...

Mmmmm - cool photos and I love your writing :o)