Thursday, May 24, 2007


Got this from Ragged's blog - just a list of a few random or unusual things about me ya'll might not already know.

1. I don't eat cereal. Definitely not with milk but not even dry outta the box.
2. I use to be able to read/decipher bar codes. I probably could again.
3. I own property in a foreign country.
4. I've only colored my hair once.
5. I like to group/alphabetize/organize things. But my house is messy.
6. I'm an aggressive driver, but aside from that I'm extremely patient. I guess that's where my alterego comes out.
7. I keep all of my shoes in boxes labeled with a photo of what's inside.
8. I don't like nuts in my bread or cookies. But sometimes it's ok in ice cream.

Now I'm suppose to tag a few people, too. So if you're reading, please play! I'd love to read a few random things about you, too. But I definitely tag Phin and Green Butterfly. (Ya guys hear me?!) :)


Green Butterfly said...

Are out of my ass answers ok? :)

Jodi said...

#6 is interesting to me because last weekend Eric and I were commenting on how aggressive drivers in your neck of the woods seemed to be. I hate making generalizations like that and thought maybe it was because it was late on a Saturday night with a lot of traffic. Hmmm.

Laners said...

i feel like I know you now...hehe

Ginnie said...

I almost laughed hysterically over #7, with photos of what shoes are in what boxes...but I didn't want to wake up Donica who's napping on the couch! :)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Your shoes are in boxes and labeled! You are my hero.

Nan said...

I have a question about #1. What did you do with the Pirates of the Carribean Cereal you bought?

And the random things you shared are really interesting tidbits. I'm with you on #5.