Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Code Monkey

My husband is a code monkey. He totally relates to this song. Hilarious! I liked this version:

But he preferred this one: (if you can handle listening to the song again)


zann said...

I giggled at this. A lot.
I ended up sending it to my code-monkey brother-in-law. Good stuff.

phinner said...

awww, it so true, you have a code monkey with big warm fuzzy secret heart. too pukey cute!

[personally, I'd be embarassed to be in a video with such a dorky haircut, yikes!!!]

mommy said...

Loved them both. I think the girl in the second one is related to a friend of mine (not really, but she'd do something like that)! Had to send them both to friends to poll them! Lun and I liked them both! Couldn't decide which one we each liked better since they had different artistic interpretations . . . ;)

Ginnie said...

HA! So funny. Male and female version makes both worth it. :)

emily said...

These are funny. I'd heard the song before and I played it for my husband just last week. He said he understood because he used to be a code monkey too.

Have you heard his Ikea song? I've been playing it a lot in honor of the one opening here in a couple days.