Monday, April 16, 2007

Wanna move to the Bay Area?

Then have I got a deal for you!For a mere 1.25 million dollars, this lovely Victorian "Diamond in the Rough" can be yours! (please click photo to enlarge so you get the full effect of this beauty).
It's for sale.
For $1,250,000.
Have ya read Phin's blog about the 935 sq. foot home she saw yesterday for $620k?
And people wonder why we still rent. And live in a barely 1000sq foot duplex.

It was a lovely day for a walk. Phin took the day off and we walked around this neighborhood for about an hour. Which actually was a nice historic neighborhood, not that you'd know by the looks of this house. Next thing we knew it was lunchtime and my stomach was growling. So we headed to a favorite sushi restaurant.

Have you ever seen pink sushi before?
Me neither. The top is your typical teka maki (tuna roll) but the bottom is their Kani Papaya roll - a California roll with papaya and wrapped in soybean rather than seaweed. It was surprisingly...tasteless. I'd definitely recommend it to the sushi-shy. It wasn't tasteless in a bad way, you could still make out the flavors of the ingredients, but when you're used to the seaweed flavor in sushi, it's surprising how bland the remaining ingredients are. I kicked it up with soy sauce and wasabi and that added more flavor, but I'll probably stick with the regular california roll or stay away from all sushi wrapped in soybean for that matter. :)


Ginnie said...

I think you guys need to move to Atlanta! You wouldn't believe what you'd get for $1.25 million! You know, I used to once live in CA myself!!

And I agree, I think I'd stick with just plain California rolls. Wonder if they have Georgia rolls?

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh my god you have got to be kidding? No wonder they come here to Bend and buy up all our property and make the prices so high you can't live here.
That house would look nice if it was fixed up, but at that price who could afford to fix it up?
Thanks for stopping over and yes Crater Lake is a beautiful place to go. a Must see if your this way, we are only 78 miles from there.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

We're packing our bags and our tool kit. Be there soon.

(I am not certain there is a home in our community with that kinda price tag. However, I have gotten a rude awakening when it comes to the housing market.)

Anonymous said...

Oh i LOOOOOOOVEEEEE that house!! Omg I would buy it in a second...if I could afford it. Victorian homes are so cool and have so many amazing details. Granted a fixer upper for that price is crazy but I know Cally real estate is insane.

Kim Carney said...

That is crazy. Although I do love the style of the house (and especially the great effect of the antenae falling over on the roof) .... all I can say is we live in a crazy world right now, in reference to almost everything, but especially HOUSE PRICES. I loved SF, and never wanted to leave. But when we discovered I was having a baby ... I could not imagine a family in a 700 sq ft apartment in the Marina and off to Seattle we moved. (I still miss SF everyday) ;)

Nan said...

House prices where I live are not high, but then there's not a lot to do around here either.

I actually love the look of that old house. I'd love to go inside.

A question: When you're on a walk do you have a small pocket-size camera you take with you? You always seem prepared and take such great shots. I'd love to have a little camera for the wedding. I can't stand the thoughts of depending on everyone else to get the pictures!