Monday, April 02, 2007

Simple life

I haven't been up to a whole heck of a lot lately so haven't had much inspiration to write about anything. Pretty much, all I've been doing the past 2 weeks has been sneezing and trying to not rip my eyes out of their sockets. I think I may have gotten to the point where I want to see an allergist rather than just suffer through the whole spring season. Then again, I know myself well enough that I'll probably put off making an appointment so long that I won't be suffering as much anymore by then and I'll think, eh - the season's almost gone, I don't need no stinkin' medication.

I've also finally decided to take another step towards a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits. Seven years ago I joined weight watchers and I was successful with it. I never reached "goal" - a few chaotic life events, several family surgeries, work stress then finally quitting, figuring how to work at home, job instability on Jimmy's end and lots of other familiar life events we all deal with, stalled that last few pounds then ultimately the weight started creeping back on and I find myself almost where I started that July 2000. So a week and a half ago, I joined WW again, hoping to find the inspiration I had back then or at least get back in touch with the tools I need to take control of my bad eating habits. So far, so good! My very first day "back on program" was t.o.u.g.h. but the rest of the week went well and I'm still riding on that motivation train. I found out that I am a huge snack-a-holic but I'm finding treats that taste great and are workable with my plan. So far my very favorite snack is the Fiber One Chewy Bars. (I couldn't find a direct link to General Mills, this person's review sounded good to me though). I've tried the Oats and Chocolate, they are t.a.s.t.y and totally satisfy that sweet and chocolate craving. However, at 9 grams of fiber per bar, I wouldn't recommend eating more than one a day.

This is the artwork I had framed a few weeks ago. A couple of you asked about it, so here she is in all her glory. I'm so happy with how she turned out. I had this feeling of dread after I left it to get framed because I really wasn't sure about the matting (dark purple) and the very ornate frame. It's really hard to decide what will compliment someone else's artwork. Framing can make such a difference, and I didn't want to ruin her. She was made by Misty Mawn.


Green Butterfly said...

Oh man, can't you start WW NEXT WEEK!? :)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Love the artwork! Beautiful and the framing looks great, really highlights the piece.

And good for you. A healthy lifestyle is not an easy transition and it seems you are definitely on a great path. I know you'll do well.

Ginnie said...

The framing looks wonderful, Mad. Thanks for showing it.

My grown daughter, Amy, swears by WW and feels the concepts are spot on. Actually, I think Donica has felt the same in the past. So bravo to you. I applaud anything you do to feel healthy. Some of us have metabolisms that keep our weight down but we have other issues to deal with. Good thing--I think we all need to understand the meaning of discipline so that we can never judge someone else.

Take care of yourself and yet be kind to yourself!

Nan said...

Madretz, are you doing the online one or the one where you actually go to meetings? I think WW is one of the healthiest programs around, but I had a hard time with the points.

Love the art and the frame and mat you selected. It directs attention to the work itself. I like that.

Jodi said...

I'm currently trying to get back on track with WW, so I don't gain back what I've lost and can focus one what I still need to lose. It's me, not the program, which has totally worked for me before. Good for you!!!