Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saturday In The City

Very little resembles "Sunny California" this weekend in the Bay Area. But when you live in an area that gets a fair amount of rain, you can't just hunker down in your comfy cave-like home till it passes. Well we can actually, but not this weekend. We had plans with the Bowen's to go into "The City", perhaps exploring the Wave Organ, walking through Chinatown, riding the carousel and seeing the sea lions at Pier 39. The threat of rain changed our plans so instead we headed to the Palace of Fine Arts for a quick picnic lunch before heading inside to the Exploritorium. This place is so awesome for kids. Everything is hands-on and there's always a lesson involved. It's very science oriented, which is perfect for our little group because the husbands are science dorks and the wives are number geeks.
Ewwww! Drinking out of a toilet?!? Well, it's all about perception. The water's clean and filtered. But would YOU drink out of a toilet fountain?

When you look into this mirror and spin it, your head spins. It was a really cool effect and of course, I had to take the opportunity to take a photo of little miss A and me. It was fun listening to her "wow"ing and "whoa"ing and giggling at the silly things she discovered.

Prince W was laughing so hard at himself pretending to be a flower child. When in Rome, right?

On our way home, we got stuck behind a bus. Really, not that unusual when you're in the city. The buses in San Francisco are electric and apparently the electrical line that this bus was hooked up to failed. So the bus drive had to get out (in the rain) and move the connectors to the other wires.
It was actually kinda cool to watch. He did is so fast, I barely got the camera on in time to snap a photo of him changing the connectors over.


Jodi said...

It's been rainy off and on here in SoCal too. I'm hunkering down since I have a cold and thought it'd be best not to venture out into the elements.

phinner said...

Miz A and Dubya are too tute for words!!! I'm glad you had a good time. Did you try that spirament where there are color words like green, but they're printed in a different color like purple and you have to say the color not the word? V. cool!

Ginnie said...

I laughed at each of these pics, Mad! So fun. What a Saturday in the city. So glad you didn't stay in your cave!! :)

paris parfait said...

This all looks like fun - except for drinking out of the toilet fountain. :)