Friday, April 13, 2007

One Conversation About 13 Things

Whenever Jimmy’s cousin calls, I usually get the pleasure of talking to him first because I answer the phone. We usually chat for about 1-2 hours before I hand the phone over to Jimmy and then they talk for another 4-6 hours. Marathon phone call at it’s finest. When Andrew called last night at 10:30, Jimmy was asleep but expected to wake up within the next hour or two, so I told Andrew that if we chatted long enough, Jimmy might be awake by the time we were sick of talking to each other. Our topics of conversation crack me up. So random and all over the place, but always witty, sarcastic and smart:

-Art of Guitar Design
-The Resurrection of Christ
-Cast Away, the movie
-Rupturing hernias
-Planet Earth
-Hi-def TV
-Palm Sunday/Ash Wednesday/Lent
-The Elderly
-Native Americans
-Faith and Devotion
-Hauling hay
-Idiocracy, the movie
-Organization including the lack of it
-Don Imus
-Installing Vista on a virtual machine
-Getting a Macintosh instead
-Replacing disc brakes
-Making toast
-Air filters

Then typically, Jimmy and he talk for hours about computers, politics, music and who knows what else because it's waay beyond me. And by then I'm sawing logs...relative to the two of them, I have a normal sleep schedule.

Jimmy and Andrew chatting on our deck at the hideaway last summer.

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Ginnie said...

This is such a hoot, Mad. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to listen in to YOUR conversation with him. :)