Monday, April 23, 2007

The Interview

I couldn’t resist playing when Zann offered up her Interview Challenge. We’re collaborators in an art blog but just getting to know each other on our personal blogs so decided to take this opportunity to get to know a little more about each other. It’d be a lot of fun if you’d like to play along, so lemme know if you do and I’ll send you 5 questions for you to answer on your blog, too.

1. How did you choose your screen name, Madretz?
Mad is the first 3 letters in my first name and Retz is the first 4 letters of my last name. A few people call me that personally but most call me Madeline or Mad. But I don’t like “Maddy.” Makes me cringe just thinking about it

2. What is the biggest life obstacle you've had to overcome?
Ou, this is a tough one. I’m actually gonna have to plead the 5th on the biggest life obstacle, it’s super personal and highly emotional and I’m still going thru “overcoming” it. But my 2nd biggest obstacle is nearly just as tough, and that was losing my mother 9 years ago. The funny thing is that I was closer to my dad, but I was at peace with his passing. I think because my mom died suddenly, so much was left unsaid. Also...I had to make the decision of keeping or taking her off life support and no matter what the statistics are or what the doctors said, I think I will always question the "What Ifs". Phew, that was tough. I’ve never spilled those beans on my blog before.

3. How did you meet Jimmy?
We’re high school sweethearts. We had classes together since the 9th grade but didn’t really become friends till our Jr. year when we sat next to each other in history class. I remember the beginning of our senior year and the first 4 periods, I was so disappointed that I didn’t have any classes with him. Happily, he showed up in my 5th period English class, we sat next to each other and continued our friendship. I was working at KFC (fried chicken anyone?) and he started working there, too. By December in our senior year, we were dating. Been together ever since.

4. What draws you to the medium of photography over other mediums?
I’ve been documenting my life since I was in the 5th grade when I got my first diary and I started taking snapshots around the same time. My first camera was a Polaroid, then in the 80s I got one of those new-fangled disc-cameras – remember those? The quality of the photos were awful, but they were small and fun for a young teenager. It all changed in 1993 when I got a film SLR camera. That’s when I started learning more about the creativity and art of photography. Still, most of my photography is to document the events that have happened in my life: people/places/things. But I take time photographing things that are visually appealing to me. I like framing the shot, paying attention to how light affects something, or playing with depth of field to focus on a certain object or make it blurry. When I switched to digital, I learned so much more because I can experiment without worrying about wasting film. Also, I’m a lot more confident in my photography skills than my writing skills, so my posts will almost always have photographs to accompany what I write. Often, I’ll let the photograph speak for itself.

5. What is your favorite children's book?
Ah. This is easy! The Madeline series by Ludwig Bemelmans. As a child (or teenager in my case), when you discover a book that’s titled with your name, spelled exactly the right way, then it’s gonna be your very favorite. Maybe that’s sort of cheating, so aside from that, I've loved Richard Scarry books since I started reading.

Thanks for the questions, Zann!
Hope some of my bloggy friends want to play, too. :)


Jodi said...

That was a touching story about your mother and very brave of you to share it. I feel the same about photography as you do. I'm still such a novice, but feel like I'm much better with it than words, so will often just post a photo if I can't compose a sentence.

[I don't know if you watch The Office, but I couldn't help but think "And don't call me Pammie," but insert "Maddy" instead!]

Green Butterfly said...

I remember that time pretty vividly too. (#2) As Jodi said, that was pretty darn brave of you. XOXO

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I wanna play.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I had to re-read your answer to #2 twice, as the impact was so strong. I cannot imagine that situation, I cannot fathom your strength and I cannot grasp how you must have felt through it all. I was moved. . . and glad you shared.

zann said...

Awww, you did wonderful at answering the questions and it is great getting to know you a bit better. I just keep liking you more and more.

And ditto to what others have said about #2 - thank you for sharing that.

Hee, I feel about the same way about being called "Suzy" as you do "Maddy" hence if they feel the need to shorten my name to something it better be Zann.

madretz said...

Thanks everyone for the comments regard my mom. It's one of the reasons I started opening up more here, I've found a kinship among women who are sympathetic and kind.

Ragged! So glad you wanna play. I've been coming up with some questions for ya...stay tuned. :)

madretz said...

Ragged, finally thought of your 5 questions. :)

1) Where would you go on vacation if money and time are no object?

2) What are the lyrics to one of your favorite songs?

3) What do you love and dislike the most about the part of the country you live in?

4) What is your favorite meal/food?

5) What other art/crafts/hobbies have you been as passionate about as you are now with knitting?

Ginnie said...

I always learn so much about people when I read these memes, Mad, and you are no exception. I knew about your mom and AM sympathetic, of course. I particularly loved finding out that Richard Scarry is one of your favorite children's authors. He was our favorite as the kids were growing up.

If ever you have time, you can figure out the questions you'd ask me. You might be the only one who gets the answers...but you never know. :)

paris parfait said...

It's fun reading your answers. And of course the French children's series should be your favourite since you share the same name. :)

susan d said...

I have to weigh on Richard Scarry. I remember seeing those books when I was a little past the age for them, but I thought, "this is so SEXIST." All the women were moms, nurses and teachers. The men were doctors, construction workers, etc. Is that not true?

Thanks for sharing about your mom. I've been thinking how little personal experience I have with death and dying.

susan d said...

Enjoyed your meme (have to look that word up), I'll do one or the same one you gave Ragged.

madretz said...

I remember having two of his Big Books and even before I could read, looking at all the pictures. I remember the colors and the animals. It's so cool that his books are still around today. I'm so glad you wanna play, too! I have your questions, they're in the next comment along with Susan's. :)

Paris: I may not live in a house in Paris that's covered in vines, neither am I the smallest nor have red hair, but to the tiger in the zoo, I would say "Poo poo!" ;)

Susan: Thanks so much for your opinions about R. Scarry! I suspect though that it's really just a matter of generation. He was born in 1919 and started writing his children's books in 1949, so much like "Leave it to Beaver" another other shows from that era, they would certainly portray what was common during those times. In fact, there was a revised edition of his "Best Word Book Ever" in 1991 that reflected the changes in time. Stewardesses were changed to flight attendants, dad was also in the kitchen with mom preparing the meal and they put a bow on a construction worker and drummer, making them females instead of males. R. Scarry died in 1994 so these changes were made by him or with his consent.
I'm so happy you wanna play! It's a lot of fun and since we're relatively new in getting to know each other, too, a great way to expand our friendship. Your questions are in the next comment along with Ginnie's. :)

madretz said...

Interviewing Ginnie and Susan:

GINNIE’s Questions:

1. What do you love and dislike most about the part of the country you live in?

2. What improvement would you make to your house in Georgia, money no object?

3. Do you have a weakness for any kind of food and/or drink?

4. What’s your favorite movie?

5. What have you learned from traveling in 3rd world countries?

SUSAN's Questions:

1. What do you love and dislike most about the part of the country you live in?

2. What was your favorite book to read to your kids when they were little?

3. What is your favorite thing in nature?

4. What do you enjoy the most about scrapbooking?

5. What is the quirkiest thing about you?