Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back from a Magical Journey

We had another great trip to Anaheim for our annual girl's trip to Disneyland. Here we are at our traditional first photo of the weekend.

For the first time, we decided to go during the spring. Beautiful, yesh? The weather was fantastic, too. Not too hot, but sunny and just warm enough to want to go on the water rides.

The fireworks and light show at the castle are coordinated to music about each of the different lands. It's such an amazing thing to see. Tinkerbell even flies down from the top of the Matterhorn to Sleeping Beauty's castle. It's one of the best fireworks I've ever seen, only topped by Macy's Forth of July fireworks celebration over the East River in NYC in 1996.

A few of our highlights and points to remember:

-On the drive down to Anaheim, eat breakfast and lunch in the car. It'll save 2 hours and get you to the park sooner, allowing for a more relaxed Saturday at the park.
-We spotted Elvis in New Orleans Square eating breakfast. No, he wasn't part of Disneyland, he was visiting, just like us.
-Space Mountain and California Screaming blasted the Red Hot Chili Peppers during the ride. Freaking AWESOME!!
-the Nemo ride doesn't open till summer.
-They make crocs with Disney head icons.
-I'm not a fan of croc clogs but I did buy a pair of the croc flip flops and have to admit they are like walking on clouds. I wore them all day Friday and Saturday and nary a problem.
-Southern Californian's love them their designer handbags. Especially Coach. Just about every other woman/teenager over the age of 12 (some younger. Really.) carried a designer bag. It's no wonder I formed my obsession of them when I lived there! ;-)
-You really get a chance to see what everyone's wearing when you're standing in line next to them for 1/2 and hour to an hour, criss-crossing back and forth. Gives you a good opportunity to see which handbag or shoes you want next.
-The Star Wars Jedi Training Academy was way more exciting than I expected. I also didn't know that Jedi masters were so comedic. I was laughing so hard I was crying nearly the whole time.
-Mickey Mouse climbed the Matterhorn.
-They really are making an effort to provide healthier choice options for dining. Yay.
-The power of suggestion is strong. If you're a cast member of the Star Tours ride, don't mention that "someone just got sick and I have to clean it up" to the next victims, I mean, riders of a very motion oriented ride.
-It's very easy to get caught up in the Disney merchandising. Every. Single. Year.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this just brought a wave of memories back. We took the family for the first time to Dland this past October. My oldest was actually chosed for the Jedi academy. Sigh, we want to go back sooooooooo bad!!
I am so glad you and the girls had a wonderful time.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

What a fun annual trip. . . and new shoes to boot (is that a pun?)

Green Butterfly said...

welcome back! I missed you. -v

Ginnie said...

How fun is THAT! You had your girlie time just like we did. :) But it's not the same when you don't go to Disneyland, of course.

susan d said...

I've only been to DisneyLAND, never DWorld. Too big for me. Sounds like a great time.
You like the RHCP, too!

Nan said...

I love all the observations!

paris parfait said...

This just looks and sounds like so much fun! And how great to share it with good friends!

Jodi said...

Fun! So what did you buy??? I have a hard time resisting on my annual Disneyland trip!

Anonymous said...

your trip sounded great! lucas was chosen for jedi traning and of course his whole birthday was STAR WARS themed! and dont even ask how much we spent in that store you walk through when you exit STAR TOURS! we went on a wednesday and had a 2-5 minute wait for Space Mountain, we rode it a few times in a row, was AWESOME with the Peppers music!