Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Question to all my blogspot buddies

Those of you who don't use Picasa, how long does it take you to upload photos to your post?

Picasa limits me to 4 photos per post. Annoying. But when I go thru blogger, it takes soooo freaking long to upload just one photo. When I try to upload more than one the wait is excruciating and I always end up canceling the process and just go back to Picasa. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, those on the new there a way to know the percentage of 'done' the publishing is at like in old blogger? Or am I just not seeing it? It just says "Publishing is in process" with the exclamation warning sign thingy up.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

I am going to be of very little help here. I load the "old fashioned" way and honestly, if I have a good connection (ours is up and down), it doesn't take long. I do know that picture heavy-posts often seem to drag a bit when uploading to them.

It doesn't give you a percentage, so it is a bit frustration.

The most frustrating part of photos with new bloggers is that they throw off your paragraph spacing etc. When that happens, it sends me into fits of growling and hissing.

Good luck.

Ginnie said...

I've got my hands over my ears. I don't want to hear it.


Jodi said...

I upload my photos to flickr first. I then copy the html from flickr and put it in the body of my posts. It's super easy. There is no precentage during publishing now, but it happens almost instantaneously, for me anyway.

I like the new Blogger, especially now that more people are getting switched over. Before that, there were comment issues. I love the tags feature and am going through my old posts adding them. How OCD of me.

susan d said...

It only takes maybe 10 seconds to upload photos on new blogger.
I don't know what tags are, or picasa.
I don't know how to put pictures in different places in a post. It just goes where it wants, usually on top.