Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Hurray, we're back home in the Bay Area!!

I love our little hideaway, but that was a long time to be there without anyone else to play with. It confirmed my original notion that we can't live up there full-time. Thankfully, Jimmy agrees with me because there isn't any hockey nearby. He's much more of a homebody than I am; I like having my creature comforts within 10 minutes, like Trader Joes, good restaurants and fast internet connection. Went into town twice, but aside from that, stayed fireside - at the hearth of the home, so they say. I should have brought some projects to work on while we were there, but I counted on reading a lot instead. Trouble is, I'm a challenged reader. I'm s.l.o.w and have to concentrate hard on everything I read, even magazines. So could only read about 20 minutes then my mind would wander and I'd have to move onto something else...usually Sudoku puzzles. Eek, I can't tell you how many of those damn puzzles I did. Thing is, I don't even really like doing them, per se. But I can't stop doing them and I'm not quite sure why. But since I've done so many of them, they're pretty brainless and quick to do so when I need something to do during commercials (no TiVo at the hideaway) or when Jimmy's watching football, I'll pick up my Sudoku and mindlessly do a puzzle. So, all those books I brought with me...I read a little tiny bit of all of them, but it was quite literally a t.i.n.y bit.

Aside from the drive, Billy the cat did fairly well up there. There were a few times when it seemed like she was wandering around looking for her familiar stuff. But she seemed very happy and content being with us. However, we're not sure if the drive warranted the comfort of being with us. But it's doubtful that we'll go up for a whole week again anytime soon. She's fine alone for 2-3 days. And if we stay for a few days longer, we suspect she'd prefer visits from her Auntie Phin rather than endure that long drive again. :-)


phinner said...

: .)

~ meee-yow!!!!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

You know, I am a slow reader too. It frustrates me as I think it's my own doing, I am afraid I'll miss something.

A week is a long time to be gone anywhere, but that cabin seems like a wonderful way to diffuse.

Jodi said...

Welcome home and Happy New Year!

I, too, can relate with being a slow reader. And I'm highly distractable which doesn't help. I did finish reading one of my Christmas '05 books last night (!), so now I feel I can start on the new ones I just got.

Nan said...

My reading has changed. I seem to be more easily distractible now. I think I need to turn things off, get comfortable under a good light, and a really, really good book wouldn't hurt.

I looked up a couple of the books you had on your Christmas list. The one about journaling looks good...I like the pictures that accompany the entries. What did you think about it?

Ginnie said...

Believe it or not, I had NOT read this post before I made my SC comment about wondering if you'd want to live there fulltime! I understand your answer, tho'. We need places like this for down time but not for everyday life. It really IS a hideaway.

You and I are on the same Sudoku page! I got a page-a-day Sudoku calendar this year that has 4 levels of hardness and even the easy ones are hard. It's been so frustraring that I've wanted to throw it out the window, except for not wanting it to beat me like that. I have done many other books with different degrees and have been able to work all of them. This particular author has thrown me a curve and I still haven't figured out what bit of logic I'm missing!

Anyway, so glad you're back to your normal comforts. Happy New Year again!

paris parfait said...

Always nice to go away and even nicer to come home!