Monday, January 29, 2007

Fresh Start

It's not very often when anyone looks forward to a Monday. But hopefully this'll be a fresh start to a brighter week compared to last week. I won't go into details here because the consequences didn't effect me directly so I don't want to share that to the whole world. But there are certainly a few things that I'm very grateful for that happened last week:
-I got to spend a few days with my dearest friend and her amazing daughter. It was so nice being with her, I just wish we lived closer together. I even went to a gymboree class with them - so fun!
-Long drives somehow give you free license to eat junk food. mmm...cornuts!
-I realized that there are a couple of advantages of being an only child.
-I ate at Chick-Fil-A. I tried to go last year in Dallas but it was a Sunday so it was closed. I didn't even know they were in California. Good chicken sandwiches.
Speaking of chicken, did you know that the average American eats 66 pounds of chicken a year?

The Ferry Building, San Francisco on our anniversary.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Hey there, welcome back. I missed you.

Nan said...

Me too, Glad to have you back!

paris parfait said...

Hope the week ahead is a good one for you. Thanks for sharing the great photo of the Ferry Building!

Ginnie said...

Me, too, glad to see you back! So you just now have found Chick-Fil-A! It's headquartered in Atlanta. :) And that's a nice statistic about how much chicken we eat a year. I'm sure I do!

Jodi said...

I certainly at my share of junk food on my recent road trip too!