Sunday, December 24, 2006

Upsidedown Christmas Tree

Now, I don't normally take photos of the inside of strangers home. But how could I resist a tree hanging upside down from the ceiling? Besides, I bet I'm not the only one who's taken a photo of their tree, afterall, they leave all their blinds open for all to see. Best to enlarge the photo since it's so blurry - hard to capture a detailed photo in the dark from the street in a moving vehicle.

Currently listening to festive Christmas tunes, including ones from Ragged, thanks so much! Oh Holy Night is one of my very favorite Christmas carols and I love both Jim Brickman's instrumental and Bing Crosby's traditional versions.

We're home for the evening after an intimate dinner. Food was fantastic. I don't eat pork tenderloin very often, but tonights may have been the best I've ever had. For dessert, we ordered a chocolate souffle. When the waiter brought it out, he said "I'll be back with some chocolate sauce". When he returned, he smiled, said "Chocolate sauce" then he broke the top of the souffle and poured the chocolate sauce in the steaming middle. It looked delicious. After he finished pouring, he said "I'll leave the rest of this here in case you want more. It's an espresso cabernet sauce." Um. Excuse me? Espresso cabernet is not chocolate sauce. Oh well, we enjoyed it nonetheless, despite the overwhelmingly alcohol flavor. And now we've got another one of those pukey cute couple's secret language sayings. Whenever we'll come across something that isn't what they say it is, we'll call it "chocolate sauce".


Ginnie said...

The chocolate sauce story is priceless, especially since you'll keep it as your personal joke.

The upside-down Christmas tree? Hmmm. I wonder if they are Bah-Humbug people or are just trying to be clever? I've never seen or heard of it before!

Jodi said...

I would have totally taken a picture of that too!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I'm glad you took that photo. What a "unique" idea.

Nan said...

I read about those upside down Christmas trees. I still don't understand why. I would have taken a photo, too, but like you I would have done it from a distance while able to make a clean get-away.

Hope you had a great Christmas!