Sunday, December 10, 2006

Day 3: Amarillo to Little Rock, AR

If you had told me 2 weeks ago that I'd spend a night in Little Rock, Arkansas before the end of the year, I'd bet lots and lots of ducats that you had lost my mind. I would have lost big time. I have to admit, I've enjoyed the travels thru "The Natural State" more than I would have ever imagined.

We left Amarillo early, before sunrise. We wanted/needed to get out of Texas. Have to admit, the sunrise was quite beautiful though. Texas is so flat, at least along the I-40, but surprisingly, I think it added to the uniqueness and beauty of the sunrise. (Even though it was about 14 degrees outside).

We ate at another amazing restaurant for brunch in Oklahoma City: Classen Grill. My SIL had this great book called Roadfood by Jane and Michael Stern. They have a segment on NPR and a montly column in Gourmet Magazine. And this restaurant, along with where we ate for dinner, was among their favorites and did not disappoint.

After brunch, we went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Site. Moving, sad and introspective. I'll write more when I can post my photos. I'm so grateful that I'm on this roadtrip and do these amazing things. We had to leave Oklahoma City relatively soon because our driving distance today was only 10 miles shorter than yesterday's. But happily, Oklahoma and Arkansas were good states for us. The scenery was a lot more interesting than Arizona and New Mexico. Funnily, there was a billboard in Oklahoma advertising wine. The big tag line was: "Like California, but less fruity." I was totally LOL. And, little known fact: Arkansas has had the best paved highways so far.

Weather was decent, 42-46 during the day but very windy. Lots of ominous clouds though. Hopefully, we will continue our good weather. Cold is absolutely acceptable, even sub-20. We do not want precipitation though. Especially icy precipitation.

Tomorrow: GRACELAND!!


Ginnie said...

Another fun commentary, Mad. Love it.

Nan said...

Our weather is good here today. One light jacket only, and you're headed our direction...well, sorta. Memphis is about six hours west and a little south. I'm guessing on the six hours, it may be more.

I love the idea of having ROADFOOD to guide you where to stop!

Anonymous said...

Texas is so flat and boring...I did the drive in the opposite direction 12 years ago.

Have fun at Graceland!

susan d said...

My family and I used to plan our stops by the book "Road Food Good Food" by the Sterns. We found it in the 80's and it made traveling really fun. One of our favorite spots was Durgin Park in Boston. Kind of gave it up when we tried everything along our usual routes.