Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thankful for Family and Disneyland

Friday we went to Disneyland and hung out with the nephews and nieces and our brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, one niece wasn't feeling well so she went home with her dad along with her uncle and her littlest cousin. But 8 of us, 5 adults and 3 kids age 9, 5 and 3 had a lot of fun at the Happiest Place On Earth.Family in the teacup with the flower. Never did like this ride much, but this time had a blast. Probably because I was concentrating on taking photos rather than my stomach being turned upside down.

Me and 5yo nephew on the Dumbo ride.

Jimmy and 3yo nephew on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

The kids on Dumbo.


Jodi said...

Yay for Disney! We had a blast there on Thursday. I think we went on 14 attractions...but not Dumbo or the Teacups. I get too dizzy! So glad you had a good time!

Nan said...

Disneyland looks like great fun. Thanks for the snail-mail you sent. It was an unexpected picker-upper. I haven't gotten my e-mail addresses transferred to the new laptop yet, but I'll write as soon as I do.

phinner said...

dumbo pix is awesome!!! great sense of motion.

Ginnie said...

So glad you had a blast, Mad. It's so fun being a Kid at Disneyland!