Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hiding from reality

I'm back! I've been back for 4 days but having a hard time adjusting back to reality. So I've been escaping to TiVo and the zillion season premiers I recorded while we were gone.

Men in Trees: A near copy of Northern Exposure including the bar. Could retain my interest for a while if it proves to be as quirky as NE.

Six Degrees: I'll give it 2 more episodes to grab me. Otherwise, it gets the ax. I can't watch this much tv.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: lovin' this one. Good, fresh change from Aaron Sorkin's West Wing, although I was very sad to see that one go. But boy, do they talk fast!

Ugly Betty: Oh, I had hopes for this one. But so far, really stupid. Should be a 1/2 hour sit, not an hour, if that could even save it.

The Class: kind of reminds me of Friends. I'm a Friends junkie, so we'll see if it actually holds up to the comparison.

Jerico, Heroes and The Nine: haven't made the time to watch these yet but TiVo's diligently recording.

Watched the season premiers of The Simpsons, Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order and South Park. Still need to watch Lost.

It's kind of (!) gross the amount of tv I've been watching.

I guess in my attempt to not get back to reality, I've been distracted by this evil source of mindless escapism.


Nan said...

This new season has a lot to record, but since TIVO lets you zip through the commercials and slow dialogue it makes it much easier to get through them all.

I'm hooked on Lost, and Grey's Anatomy. And I've got high hopes for Studio 60 and Heroes.

Watched one episode of Jericho and Six Degrees and decided if I was going to watch them I'd wait for reruns.

I loved the first Men in Trees and am still watching, but it's not got the pizazz that first one had.

My all time favorite that I'm still watching is Project Runway. Two more episodes and I'll be experiencing withdrawal again.

This is a wonderful picture with the hands shaping a heart!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

There is never enough tv. I can't help myself during the fall premiers.

I had the same thought about Men in Trees.

Liking Jericho, but need more to, keep me interested.

Loving Studio 60, same thoughts about the remainder.

Dontcha love it?

Ginnie said...

I've just read all your posts on Kauai and know how much you're still living in those memories! We saw LOST this past week while in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, which had its own taste of surrealism. Welcome back. So glad you had a great time!

Jodi said...

Welcome back! Thanks for the reviews! I just don't have the time or interest for too much of the new stuff. The only one I'm watching so far is Studio 60 and then the new seasons of Lost and Battlestar Galactica.

emily said...

I'm loving Heroes. Loving it. And I really like Studio 60 too.